Does sz make you feel heartbroken?

I feel so darn heartbroken and aching emotionally. is this part of sz? I also feel aggravated.

“it’s a hard knock life for us…”


I do feel like that sometimes, I did feel that this morning…I feel that sz tend to let the bad memories loop in our heads, and we get affected by that.

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yes. It’s like the feeling of being in love with yourself and then hating yourself, thus breaking your own heart…or at least thats what I feel like.

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I miss being a quirky, melodramatic, intuitive smartass. It breaks my heart that we’re deluded into thinking we can’t get better on our own. Pills taught me to self-medicate, the doctors fixed my heart, while in the process I learned to love the broken ones.

I take my pills because they help me sleep and believe in more than these plasticine depictions, a world that’s without direction.

There are moments where I will for lack of a better word, feel sorry for myself. A moment of sadness will come over me and I tell myself, man why me - what happened . I think I am depressed when I am like this, it’s not every moment.

Sz makes me feel this way sometimes. Sometimes I feel fine but other times I feel like someone ripped out my heart. It’s seems to have gotten better since I got a computer. It gets so bad that I wish I had never been born.

The guilt of everything that I’ve put my family through. The friends I’ve lost, the pain I’ve caused, the fact that I feel so far behind in life, the inability to trust myself, my feelings, or my emotional responses…
It’s a heartbreak. But I am going to mend this heart. I won’t ever be cured, but I will over come. That is my new goal.

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morning - suicidal - chronic depression
lunch - depression - slightly suicidal
afternoon - manic and living on my sz rainbow…hooray !
take care

dark sith im sorry you’ve ben feeling suicidle today but living on your sz rainbow sounds nice I saw one of thos today well half a rainbow actually tc

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