Does Latuda make you pee a lot?

I know it’s a symptom of diabetes but my blood sugar looks fine last time we checked. I have to pee constantly the only thing I can think of is Latuda

I would get it checked again soon, blood glucose levels fluctuate up and down rather quickly.

Are you drinking coffee? I know that the more wound up I get, the more coffee I crave, which is bad, but it’s still a thing. And then I have to pee constantly because I’m drinking tons of coffee.

No I’m not drinking a lot of coffee

My fasting glucose was 89 the range was 65-99 I checked on 3-2-2016 the doctor seemed fine with it but it seemed kinda closer to the top to me

89 fasting glucose is in a healthy range really, but maybe your blood glucose levels have creeped up a bit more now - I dont know, its always good to monitor your blood glucose levels frequently.

Maybe you are drinking more?

I don’t think I’m drinking more. As soon as I drink anything I immediately have to pee thanks for trying to help though. I heard Latuda could cause problems with the kidneys so I am concerned it’s a side effect of Latuda. But my kidneys were in range too so who knows

Well best of luck, it could be nothng serious, its always good to see a family doctor pretty often.

I am growing less interested in the Latuda memories but I do remember I did number 2’s a lot.