Feeling like I peed the bed. What is this?

I’ve been going to bed and waking at 6 or 7 am with the sudden feeling that I’ve peed the bed. I haven’t, but it wakes me with a start, but I can also go back to sleep. Is this the beginning of diabetes?

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Why would you think it’s diabetes? A simple blood test can tell you if you have diabetes, so if youre worried about it, I’d go ahead and get that done.

Btw, I have diabetes and have never had a problem with bedwetting nor anything similar to what you describe.

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Because I’ve heard that waking in the middle of the night to urinate is an early sign of diabetes.

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Could just be that you are drinking more fluids.
I have diabetes and I don’t get up during the night to go to the bathroom.

Although It’s true frequent nighttime urination can be a diabetes symptom.

Have your blood sugar tested to be sure @alien99

You might be able to buy a blood glucose meter.

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Do you take clozapine? I get some incontinence and it’s from clozapine. I’m not peeing the bed just have a little leakege in my underwear.