Does it show on this forum that I'm using Chrome Linux?

I’m using a Chromebook laptop which I think uses a Linux kernel. Amazon flagged me with Am I trying to log in using Chrome Linux from Little Rock Arkansas.

I’ve been trying to use my Chromebook as it’s supposed to be more secure.

Anyone know?

My identity was stolen, name, SSN, and DOB, which were used to fraudently apply for Covid Unemployment benefits. My sister thinks my email was hacked because I used my Android phone to apply for a bank account online, and also make funeral prearrangements.

I don’t understand the question?

The forum software probably knows what operating system and browser you’re using.

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I can’t see what browser you are using, but the software probably can. It doesn’t show on your profile.

I should also say that I’m not sure where else to look aside from your profile.


Thanks @everhopeful. 1515

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On this website…

Profile → Preferences → Security → Recently Used Devices

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Thanks @Headspark 1515

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I think maybe all websites have the ability to see what device and browser you are using

Server logs collect a bunch of data when you access the web server with your browser. Not all websites collect your data, but can be programmed to do so.

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Yeah I thought so. Some ‘what’s my ip’ sites have stats on the device and browser choices of all the visitors

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Browser info is shared by your browser. It only shows what your browser is and is only shared to the website. The websites have no reason to share it with anyone else.

Thanks @anon94176359 @Headspark. I checked my profile and it shows Chrome OS in Little Rock. I just got this laptop because my sister doesn’t want me using my Android phone for sensitive stuff. I’ having some problems learning to use a laptop though. I haven’t figured out how to do a right or left mouse click as I don’t have a mouse.

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I was getting all kinds of funky locations using my phone. I have WiFi now, and it’s showing my correct location when I’m on it.

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Mobile data IPs can be very unreliable regarding locations.

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