Does coffee worsen your psychosis

I’m wondering my parents and everybody else seems to think it does for me I just don’t see it in me I find coffee actually calms me idk :man_shrugging:

No, my psychosis is bad regardless.

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If I have over two cups,

Or sometimes just two cups,

My symptoms get much worse.

Caffeine definitely has an impact.

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It doesn’t make my psychosis worse.

It does seem to affect my irregular heartbeat from what I can tell (I own a portable EKG).

More than three espressos and I get on my wife’s nerves.

I can only have 2 cups of instant a day now. It makes me so much worse if I have more.


For me it does, I can’t handle it anymore.

I now drink low or no caffeine teas.


I think it’s ok in moderation
I like tea I think it perks me up

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If I have more than one can of coffee(4 cups), it will get difficult in a certain way, while it feels still good being awake with it.

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Second that. I don’t notice a change, for better OR worse, when I have coffee. :coffee:


I have no problem with caffeine.
I used to drink 4 or 5 coffees.
Now only 2 or at most 3

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I should clarify: I only have 1… Maybe 2… per day. No more than that. :relaxed:

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I find the opposite. If I’m tired and groggy my psychosis is worse.

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Coffee was intensifying my anxiety which intensified worried delusion and I stopped drinking it and I felt a little better ever since


lol idk if it does but it certainly makes me manic. I dont mind tho :laughing:

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Yes !

It took me a good few months 2 realize it.

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Off medication I found ground coffee heart racing strong for me, but on meds it’s just like a normal coffee.

It does for me, but it’s difficult because it makes me feel more alive.

And it’s been really hard because I get The Same thoughts on it every morning, and they are ALWAYS grievances with my father.

I had a talk with my mom, and ultimately it was healthy. I left it with her, that it is natural for a 42 year old to see the grass as A LOT greener if I rented a place of my own.

It’s been 18 months of the same thing… the thoughts. And I’ve been in their care for over 15 years.

I gave up coffee it made me really bad anxiety and made me totally psychotic. Really bad symptoms on coffee much better without it

I used to drink 30+ cups a day. That was pretty awful. And definitely made me worse. Now I have 2 maybe 3 a day and all is good with that. Been drinking more herbal teas in the evening now. The sleepytime tea is actually very soothing before bed.

No i dont think so but not so good for stomach.