Does anyone understand social media?

Do you use these sites?

Which ones?

If so, could you explain to me what you get out of them?

What do you reckon the average person is doing on the internet?

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Gossiping 151515

I use Facebook for a laugh and to â– â– â– â– â–  about political news. I also use it for several support groups.


I am on Facebook to keep in touch with friends and family.
I’m on Instagram because my kids want me to like their stuff.
I went on Twitter for one day and hated it.
That’s about it.

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After you use these sites, do you feel like you have learned things and are better for it?

Do you ever have eureka moments?

I don’t know about eureka moments, but I feel better after using FB. I mean, it’s where a lot of my internet friends are. So it’s how I communicate with them, which makes me feel better. I hate FB for being a generally evil company, though. That doesn’t make me feel good or anything.

I no longer use any social media sites. Ever since they started data harvesting i’ve tapped out. When i did have social media though, i used it to keep in touch with family and friends. Now that i don’t have it, i don’t communicate anywhere near as much as i used to. But it is a small price to pay for some privacy.

I used to be on MySpace back in the day. I had friends on there and it was cool. When Facebook first came out i signed up for it but it wasn’t really big yet and i didn’t know many people on there so i deleted my account. Now Facebook’s huge and i’m not on it anymore. I don’t want to be Facebook friends with my grandmother. So i’ve strayed away from social media altogether.

I use Facebook to keep in touch with family and friends I wouldn’t otherwise see, and I use Instagram to post my art.

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I read updates from people on my list, people I used to know, never talked to them on it, it was just nice to hear from them through their updates,sort of like a lurker a suppose, I deleted my account, have regrets about that, my mind feels a bit better since then , I have a high five account that I don’t use, accidentally made a Pinterest account, nothing else

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how do you delete your facebook + instagram?

Settings…account ownership and control…deactivation and deletion … To delete Facebook

Only socially, I feel more socially connected, rather than to think I’m alone, to be social is healthy, so I do find in helpful

im going to delete it and rebuild with only people i care about :laughing:

i use facebook
keep in touch with family and friendsss
plus i follow pages with uplifting stuff on, or fun facts.
just a good waste of time i guess

i like instagram more, might keep it for high school ppl and rebuild facebook for just family, rediscover ppl

I hate Facebook.
I dunno why I still have it.
I like looking at friend suggestions to see people but maybe I should just cut the whole thing off n feel better for it.

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I like to surf Pinterest. I go there when I’m needing new things.


Or delete the ones you don’t see anymore, or that you moved away from, like in interests, meeting a person over a game you used to like, :slight_smile: a person that I know calls that spring cleaning

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I use FB to keep in touch with people I know from other countries, anything else on that site is trash, lots of fake news and ads. To reach my friends I use Instagram.

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