Does anyone know when SSDI will pay on labor day?

I am wondering if I will get paid on the 3rd? labor day is the 2nd.

No clue that’s a good question jukebox. I think I will get paid on the third as I usually do.

They don’t ever give it the 31st do they?? Since the first and second are non business days. Good luck with whenever you receive it.

My dad just checked for me and it’s the 3rd


What day are you normally suppose to get your money jukebox?

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I normally get mine on the 3rd. Since Tuesday the 3rd is not a holiday, that is the day I will get the money.

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not sure, but I think we’d get it earlier instead of late.

for me I get it on the 3rd. unless the 3rd is on the weekend, then I get it on the Friday before. I will probably be paid on Tuesday the 3rd this month. I already spent all my money this month, because I went on vacation. so going to be eating ramen until I get paid.

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yeah. I have 38 dollars in my account right now. Phil’s got money though.

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I usually get paid on the 3rd. sometimes it’s early though…I doubt I will get paid midnight on friday the 30th.

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I always got my SSDI on the second Wednesday of the month. Never on a specific day.

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