When does ssdi pay out?

I usually get mine the third of the month. But google says it depends on your bday. Maybe I do have ssi. I make about a thousand a month.

I get mine on the second Wednesday of each month

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Here’s a PDF that explains it, your bday does determine with SSDI, doesn’t with SSI.

I thought ssi was only like 780 though.

You are getting too much to be on ssi

Yeah that sounds like SSDI, not SSI. I’m on SSDI and i get paid on the 3rd of the month.

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I get my check never later than the third of the month. If the third is on a weekend I will get it the Thursday or Friday before. My check is direct deposited.

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I get SSDI on the 3rd of the month. My check is $1652.00 after subtracting the Medicare premium.

I get it on the second. I guess that’s tomorrow

I don’t know for sure, could be different for everybody

but I think SSDI comes on the first of the month

and SSI comes on the 3rd of the month

that’s what I remember from having my son

I get my VA check on the 1st and my SSDI on the 3rd.
My friend gets her SSI check on the 1st.

I’ll go check my balance today

but I’m pretty sure it will be there.

My mom’s check came on the third of the month. Growing up I got survivor benefits for my late father and that came on the third Wednesday of the month.

Since my illness came up before I’m 22 I am applying for SSDI under their social security numbers.

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@Snail are you okay?

do you need frequent hospital visits.

Yeah, you should get on it.

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I’ve been in on average of every six months. Hoping to increase time between visits. This is my third one as an adult. Before December of last year I’d gone 4 years without being in a hospital.

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I had no problems with getting it

had a long interview about my broken work history

and my own paranoid thoughts about gov secured it

I’ve gone on and off of it, it’s there for us.

Is it hard to get back on? I want to try to work.

I worked a year and half

then thought, OHH, I’m so well, think I’ll go off of meds

Bam! I got right back on it by going into the social security office

I think she wondered why I worked so much and my son’s check went down

they used to be real strict around here, now I can work sometimes, and no effect.

I get mine on the second Wednesday of the month too. I was born on the 9th.