Does anyone in here get thoughts that are not social?

Does anyone in here get thoughts that are not social ?

Sometimes when I think of war I think that happens




You wouldn’t believe the amount of things that run though my head that I have to make sure to filter out of my mouth because it just isn’t helpful to say out loud.


I totally agree with you. Sometimes I fear healthy people have the same or worse.

It’s not what you think that makes you (not you personally) mentally ill, but what you say (out loud).

I guess the ‘regular’ people tend to think if you can’t filter out the stuff you shouldn’t say out loud, then you must be mentally ill?

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Yes totally agree with you. Result is important not the process!!!

Anti social is more like escape from reality and take away better part of it or just be absent when needed most… etc;

Sometimes I get thoughts that someone invented artificial intelligence and we are being tested.

Character is destiny.

As if hiroshima and nagasaki people are alive in virtual reality

In India we are having Pakistan - India crisis and I fear the worst. I believe I’m going to lose it all.

I used to think I could predict earthquakes. If I dreamt about them, they’d happen. Still freaks me out a little thinking about it. I know it was just coincidence though now.

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We are on the same lines.

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You mean like thinking or talking about a tv program or movie and sure enough it’s on in like a week or two later?

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Anti social thoughts, wishing evil to others etc

Only every time I serve a customer at work.


I have intrusive thoughts sometimes of a sexual nature.

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I feel good when other people get hurt or tragedy strikes their lives. This is a new one for me I used to be like everyone else who cringed when the ■■■■ hit the fan. Now I welcome it. Oh, hurricane matthew is gonna destroy the east coast? Learn how to swim !

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