Does anyone have long term dizziness with antidepressants?

I have been having dizzyness and balance issues for a year now. A year ago i kept getting bad sinus infections so i back then believed it was from that, even my primary seemed to believe it was that.
But a year later, i am still having balance issues. I have profound hearing loss(only in my 30’s, grrr…(just found out a month or so ago). I am supposed to get 2 hearing aid for that. But the audiologist told me, she thinks it is from the medicine(the balance/dizzyness).
I am on lexapro plus oxybutrin(for bladder issues).
As a side note they also think i have a neurological disorder(fahrs).
I just need help and wanted input.
I three months ago got a counselor who treats me really good but past providers are not handing over my records, so my meds are still messed up.
I am sick and tired of my mother(mainly) telling me “oh its not that bad”. I am extremely frustrated.

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