Does anyone else feel Euphoria all the time?

I feel euphoric almost all the time with the exception of the time when I am not able to fall asleep which comes with my new insomnia. A new MI that I collected.

It feels like I am watching a winter snow storm in a mansion overlooking a forest that is becoming white. Right next to me is a fire place and on top of me is a warm blanket. This has been happening quite a bit and for at least a year. It’s pretty nice and it isn’t the result of any illicit drugs, sometimes I want it to go away only because it impacts my energy. The level of euphoria isn’t constant and it fluctuates going from minor to moderate.

I want to know if I am the only one here that experiences euphoria from this abnormal and unhealthy condition.

I’m pretty sure you’re the only one there dude.
My life is far from euphoric. If you want it to stop just take a walk outside and watch all the normal people going about their daily business like it is effortless.
Then think of everything you’re missing out on. The euphoria should subside at that point.

I think you don’t understand what I am talking about. The euphoria doesn’t influence my thoughts or make life seem beautiful. It simply is just there for me to interpret how I want.

Life is passing me by, yeah I know but I have some pretty good friendships and relationships. I know people that have my back and will protect me and be there if something happens. I know full well that I won’t let them down either.

I actually am doing everything I want with my life besides going on lavish vacations 6 times a year. Anyway going on those vacations cost a lot of money and even healthy people do not have the finances to go on that many trips.

I have found a purpose to my life. Is it something I grew up wanting? no.

You have the ultra capitalistic american consumer mindset. I used to have that and life sucked back then. I don’t desire a ferrari or anything extravagant anymore which makes my life easy and pleasurable.

Even though I suffered a lot I also felt euphoric I believe it is the medication.

I drive a BMW and own my own condominium.
I haven’t had to work a day in my life, just went to college.
I’m talking about missing out on the things that money can’t buy. Love for example, true friendships where you are a stable reliable friend (which is impossible if you always need to be looked after)
I don’t know, maybe I have a different illness than you. I’m actually bipolar, not sz but I still can’t get everything I want out of life, I have not known euphoria since I was diagnosed 16 years ago.
Before then it was pretty grand

I might have the manic spectrum of bipolar. It’s like I’ve been keyed up on a speed ball never able to come down every minute of my day. Very Far from joyful though

I’m pretty content with what I have, and if something good comes my way, I accept it.
I live simply, and don’t require much.

Which is good, because life that is too good, never seems to bring the happiness you’d think it should.

Wow do you have like some excellent job or something? Good for you.

That’s amazing. I wish. I am the polar opposite of euphoric all the time.

my positive feelings cause a beautiful natural high very peaceful

No, but if you introduce me to her I will be glad to try.

Does she have a sister?

When I was on a Tricyclic Antidepressant in the past I was Euphoric all the time.

I rarely feel Euphoria unless I’m on a medication that triggers it.

Sometimes I’ll feel Euphoric on my own but that’s extremely rare.