Does anybody else like dirt bike motorcycles?

I have always wanted a dirt bike, since I was a kid.


I had a dirt bike as a kid and loved it. But my mom got me a pink one. I spray painted it black and my mom threw it away because she was so mad at me. But I absolutely loved it for the time I had it

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I love dirt bikes. I never had one but there still cool as hell.

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Rode them a bit as a kid and liked them. Used to own street bikes in my twenties, miss them. My wife wouldn’t let me have one while our kid was young.

I rode a Honda 70cc bike when I was young. I was really into cross country mountain biking in Chile. I don’t think I like dangerous things that much now.

in my late teens early twenties we had motocross and pit bikes we used to ride in the countryside

It was a lot of fun.

That was back when I had friends

I had a motercycle long ago and it was so very fun. You can get overconfident on them and get reckless. I was lucky and it was a small town so the traffic was slow and sparse. I gave it up when I took to drinking. One of the good decisions I made in life. I just left it at my sister’s house and started walking everywhere. Later I got a job working different places for a temporary agency and took the buses.

My two fave rides of days past:


1984 Suzuki GS550. Traded in on below:

1989 Honda CBR 600F


I used to have a sport atv, it was a 2004 kawasaki kfx400 400cc 5speed manual with a Yoshimura exhaust. It was loud as heck lol and scary fast.

Couldn’t get other friends into it. So I sold it.
I later bought a 125cc 2 stroke birel kart for Karting. That thing was even scarier lol


This was the atv model I had.

This was the kart same engine but different chassis

One day I’d like to get back into karting


Karting is a blast. You have so many awesome tracks in BC.

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Learned from my uncle as a kid with a bike way too powerful than safe. Was fun.

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Yeah, my Honda 600 was too fast and I was too immature for it at the time. Lots of fun, but I’m thankful I didn’t get myself or someone else hurt or killed. I’ve been considering getting a street bike, but the idea makes my wife nervous.

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Lol, good luck!

I can say my bike days are over. I scared myself out of the desire when I was doing wound care rotations.

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Yeah! and in Washington just across the border there’s the Sima raceway it’s super nice

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Man, I think you need to have three PCR tests, two RAT tests, and sacrifice an adult virgin to the Dark Lord to cross a border now. Adult virgins are getting hard to come by.

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Hahaha yeah maybe I’ll get to go back there in 2040? :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

No! LoudSOBs. I called the cops on this kid who would open up and down by our house. Screw that noise.

Lol I was one of those lovely kids :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: my truck would set off car alarms driving down the street :crazy_face:
One time I was ripping my quad around the neighborhood going like 100kmh and my neighbor just went nuts on me

Oh the days of the young and restless.

Edit. Reckless

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They are so fun dude. Full sized motorcycles are way too much for me, but a dirt bike? Hell yeah!