Have you ever ridden a motorbike?

I have never ridden a motorbike. I have ridden scooters and mopeds. Maybe this could be a new experience, but I just perceive that it is not safe.


The brother of my friend had a motorcycle accident, he damaged his lungs.

I’ve ridden quads and a dirt bike once, I don’t trust myself with the speed of a street bike.

I rode back when i was young, would not bother now

I bought a Kawasaki 550 when I was in the army. Fortunately, this was during a period of sobriety, or I would have gotten really messed up or killed on that bike. My friends told me they were so glad I was sober when I had that bike.

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My dad had a motorcycle when I was a kid, so I’ve been on a motorcycle a few times. He didn’t have it very long, so my experience is somewhat limited.

Motorbikes are just accidents waiting to happen.

I use to ride a motorcycle in my 20’s on occasion. It was never my primary vehicle. It was more just for recreation or when I had car troubles. I never did get a license for it though :grimacing:. Was lucky to have never been pulled over for it.

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Yes during a lull in my sz symptoms i got a drivers license and a motorcycle license. Then sz came back and i have neither license now

I’ve dated guys who had bikes, and they’re obnoxious af. Both the men and the bikes. All were bad in bed, and spoke too loud. They truly do love attention, and it’s gross. The South Park episode about em is pretty accurate imo.

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My dad bought me a mini bike when I was 8. It was fun.

Otherwise I’ve tried someone else’s motorcycle in a vacant parking lot. I don’t like them. We have a guy in town who crashed his motorcycle and now he just walks straight into traffic and makes no sense when he speaks.

No. I was scared on the back of a four wheeler. I’m going to get a bike someday though. A crotch rocket is what I prefer. Then I’m gonna ride it on the autobahn.

I cant even ride a regular bicycle. Too unbalanced lol


My uncle had a motorcycle when I was a teen, he taught me how to ride.

Haven’t been on a bike in decades. After seeing first hand some of the motorcycle accident end results. No thanks.

I took lessons last year,

I saw an older guy using a motorised unicycle today, it was pretty cool, looked a bit silly though

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My buddy Donnie had a Yamaha 250cc dirt bike when we were growing up. God, that thing was a dangerous machine LOL. It had so much power you couldn’t predict how it came off the start, the wheel often popping off the ground. I remember spilling it one time doing about 60 on a dirt trail, and flipping right over backwards

Good times, good times


I don’t see a purpose in riding motorcycles when you get older. They are just dangerous machines. There is a difference if you have ridden before and have the experience. But otherwise I’d advice getting a car instead.

My x in sa is the coolest man in the world and he is a biker.

I rode on the back of his bike over 100km/h.
But it was hot I think over 40c so the air was sooooo hot it kindof burnt and was difficult.

I was a bit scared being a passenger and wouldn’t do it again.

I’m afraid of being a car passenger too.

I support him riding his bike when he can.

I rode on a mini bike when I was a teen.
Never been on a motorcycle before.

I’ve ridden on the back of a motorcycle only a couple of times. I’ve always dissuaded my men and women from driving motorcycles. I always told them I preferred cars.