Does anybody do this?

I groan or yell out loud… softly though. I do this every time I’m feeling terrible and it makes me feel better.


Yeah I get into negative thought sets and like voice usually derogative words about myself. It is aloud but I’ve learned to keep it quite enough. I try hard to avoid such times. I get it mainly when driving as I zone out a bit. Staying busy helps. Keeps the mind in a better place!

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All my screaming is internal.


Saaaaame. Except for when I’m in my car. I usually turn the music all the way up and scream… well until someone stops at the same red light as me :sweat_smile:


If I’m feeling very unwell, I sometimes groan while pulling my own hair or rubbing my hands in my face. The groan is usually followed by an “aaargh, why can’t I just” or “Ooooh, get it together


I have Tourette’s, so I make loads of unusual nonsense sounds. Now that I’m an adult, I’ve mostly learned to suppress them when I’m around other people. Sometimes, though, I just can’t help myself. I’ll chirp or groan or beep and everyone will stare at me. My friends think it’s hilarious.


When I’m thinking about a problem I tend to talk out loud.

It’s usually not a problem, but I did have a lady ask me if I was okay in Walmart a few weeks ago. I said I was fine and thanked her for the concern.


Not sure but I do alot of mouth movements in public when thinking. Alot too.


At my last stay this nice lady with Tourettes let me sit and watch her and her friend play connect four all day. She was so sweet.


Yes, I do that any time I get an intrusive thought or a bad feeling. At the same time I will grasp an object like a pen or cup, or I’ll clench my fists.

Mine too noise, I wish I could vocalise it though

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I mostly channel my vocal impulses into physical movement that’s less conspicuous. I tap my legs, wiggle my fingers, and clench my fists. That way, I’m less disruptive in public. But when I’m just around my friends, I don’t bother. I will bounce, flap, chirp, and beep.


I do this a lot. Different noises too. Like a Tina groan from bobs burgers, usually very high pitched squeaks though.

Think it has to do with my ASD. It’s a tic for sure, it’s compulsive and I can’t control it.

I do it when I’m nervous/excited/anxious. It also helps me feel better.


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