Does any of you experience physical fitness problems?

I used to be in good shape physically and now my shape is very poor.
Do you think it is related to my schizophrenia?
To my olanzapine?
What do you think?

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Absolutely. I think the meds and the illness play a big role.

I’m exactly like you. I was in good shape. Now I’m not. I’m pretty sure it is the antipsychotic medication that is doing it. That’s one of the biggest drawbacks of the medication. Hard experience has taught me that I have to take the med’s, though.


Medication can make you gain weight and become lethargic,

Generally unmotivated to do any exercise.

I have gained a lot of weight. My knee now has broken cartilage in it as a result. I limp when I walk. I know I need to exercise but I lack motivation and I’m in pain. Both don’t make it easy to lose the weight.