Does a guy on Facebook really into female anatomy ever post a woman with short hair?

just wondering. Being sexy goes with long hair.

This thread isn’t going to end well


I also prefer long hair on women. But I reckon short hair can also look good sometimes.

Every now and then I see a real cute woman with short hair who looks really good in it. There was this one in particular on family feud last night, and hers was real short.

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The girl in group had short blonde hair, petite, blonde, and bubbly. Cool accent. But in general, long hair is best.

Same here. Don’t find women with short hair attractive at all.

Without a doubt.

I wanted it short and dyed red, to be a rock star. I’ve had moments like that. No guy getting to me.

I used to have long hair, then shoulder length hair and now super short hair. I don’t think hair length has much to do with anything.

Speaking of hair length, I am generally not a big fan of the “man bun”. I guess that makes me a hypocrite. :smile:


I too, prefer women with long hair. :slightly_smiling_face:

I think short hair can look very nice on women, as long as they have a style that suits the shape of their head and face, and not just the butch “shave it all short” cut

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I like the butch, “shave it all short” cut because that’s what I have. I wore my hair super long all of my life and now that I am older, it doesn’t look very good long anymore. So, now, I wear it short and I’m happy that way.


I keep my hair short as a man. I get a haircut every couple months. If I was skinny I’d shave it. Not in the ghetto though lol.

Girls can look pretty with short hair.

Shortest I’d take is to the shoulders.

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Girls can look pretty with any type of hair, short, long or shaved. With any colour that they want.
It’s all about your confidence wearing the style.
Although I don’t like when its excessive long, for example when hair reaches the bum.

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I like all hair lengths even the butch hair cut. It all depends on if it works for the person or not.

I had a crush on a woman with a shaved head. I didnt have the guts to ask her out though.

Ha! This thread inspired me. I just got my hair cut shorter than I’ve ever had it in my life. It’s essentially one step above a crew cut. :blush:



I used to have very long hair,

Had it through most of my twenties and up until about six months ago.

My hair started falling out due to stress and I had to cut it for more volume and body.

It makes me sad, but my hair quit falling out and I take vitamins for it to grow.

I think women can be beautiful with any haircut, but mine was like part of my identity,

So I want it back.