Doctors using alternative techniques

Not all doctors are textbook DSM-V and reliant on medications and traditional therapy.

These two and others employ various techniques in dealing with mental health issues, many dealing specifically with consciousness and intuition, using methods like remote viewing and biofeedback:

“Orloff’s unconventional attempt to bridge the worlds of Freud and the paranormal will appeal to open-minded readers.”
she coined the term energy psychiatry to describe her novel psychotherapy model.

It addresses the subtle energetic underpinnings of health and behavior and is a combination of conventional medicine, intuition, spirituality and energy. It is a subset of energy medicine, which views our bodies and spirits as manifestations of subtle energies. This is what many indigenous healing traditions revere as a life force and is conspicuous by its absence from Western health care"

she began to use the remote viewing techniques she’d learned to help her patients. She also began to teach them how to remotely view. As she integrated intuition into psychiatry, a huge split in her own soul began to heal. Lifelong fears disappeared. Wholeness was on her horizon.
Second Sight By Dr. Judith Orloff | HuffPost Life

Dr. James Lake is another:

Dr. Lake’s interests include the role of consciousness in health and healing and the emergence of novel paradigms in medicine that take into account recent advances in the basic sciences and consciousness research. He consulted on a fMRI study examining relationships between healers’ intentions and changes in regional brain activation in empathically bonded pairs of healers and patients (Achterberg et al 2005). He has presented papers on the role of intentionality in healing at the Tucson Conferences on the science of consciousness, and the Rhine Research Center Conference including a proposal for a “best fit” model of the role of consciousness in healing (, and theoretical model and results of a pilot study on relationships between EEG biofeedback training and spontaneous Psi. His current interests in Psi research include using augmented cognition (AC) technologies to examine and enhance Psi performance, and developing a systems-level model of “healing” that reconciles findings from conventional neuroscience research, cultural anthropology and Psi.

My response has to be at letters 15 letters: Quack?

I guess you could say that about most psychiatrists though!

No…well, I have to agree with the second part, LOL.
But never has traditional psychiatry done a thing for me… either it was completely neutral in most cases and had no effect one way or another, or it had negative effects on me - especially when younger.
When utilizing some of the methods these people use, everything came together. Granted, I mainly did these things through spiritual channels, not doctors… but the practices are same.

In terms of alternative methods.
The main thing is people need to be taught :

Emotional Intelligence
Rational and analytical skill
Reasoning skill
Self reliance
Social skills
Work life balance

If psychiatrists focused on this stuff instead of just the Bandaid method, the success rate would be higher I’m sure.

Trouble is the above methods require a lot of hard work plain and simple. Some people want a quick fix for a life long condition.


I don’t need to learn all of that. I just need to wait for the right pill to come along. I say this from experience.

See what I mean? Have you ever tried any of the above for an extended period of time?

Pills help but they are just part of the equation

Can I get an amen…

The CBT, the vocational training, the other therapy… it has been hard work.

There are times I was ready to quit, there were times it was too hard… but I’m glad I stuck with it. (well… off and on when I was able.)


I’m glad you stuck with it too.

It’s been a ton of hard work for me but it seems to be paying off now also


I agree with the hard work but what if the work can be FUN? Maybe it’s the intensive ‘training’ I might call it, as well as study and applying that study (much of it self study). This ‘training’ occurred in Christian circles, shaman circles, through spiritual exercises, some technological stuff, and just living by faith in either your own abilities, or in many cases the abilities and gifts that can come our way from higher sources.
I will admit there were times (many) I had to set myself aside and go on…sometimes up against seemingly insurmountable odds.

The very few times I took pills it wasn’t very long before I was saying 'what the hec am I doing? This will get me nowhere!"

It was like "Ok, I can EXIST like this, but I cannot LIVE like this. I cannot do what I want and what I need to do. I am disconnected from many facets of life, the earth, and the cosmos that i have been familiar with all my life. I need to be whole with all the experiences available.

Funny, we watched the movie ‘The Giver’ last night and I had thought about posting it…it would be appropriate to post here…during the movie i thought of psychiatries practices: medication, and the dumbing down of society…which is what is portrayed throughout the movie…
One big thing in the movie is how they use medication (a daily injection) to suppress emotions and keep memories of the past, both good and bad, erased…it basically takes away their ability to perceive, and the society under this extreme governance are basically automatons serving the elders in charge plans

The story takes place in a futuristic world where hatred, pain and war have all but been eliminated. No one has more or less. The constructed world with its apparent equality seems like a socialist’s paradise. The environment, weather and even emotions are controlled. Each day, each member of the community must take drugs that numb real emotions.

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Some good stuff here, goes along with what I previously posted

Telepathy. A record of everything a person does in this lifetime is written on the higher areas of the brain, and can be recalled by the conscious ego. Everything acquired from blood ancestors or the universal sub-conscious is attached to the primitive lower brain, is telepathic in nature, and can only be read by the sub-conscious Id. See the work of Dr Andrija Puharich mentioned below. Telepathy is not available on demand by the ego, and tends to work in the 7 lost dimensions of quantum physics.

The Quantum Physics Universe (10 dimensions + time). Astrological and zodiac material appears to predate the theist stuff, but appears to follow similar rules, and could possibly arise from just a quirk in quantum physics embroidered by man. There is good reason to suspect that one of the 7 lost dimensions in quantum physics is a dimension of memory. This would allow the physical universe to know what it is supposed to be from one second to the next, and would also let water to know at what temperature it supposed to boil at. The Big Bang is still accessible, and accessing it should undercut everything else. It is also possible to access the adventures of schizophrenics in the lost dimensions of quantum physics.

Some excellent material on remote viewing here too. There are some very key points made. Section R3 and R5 especially.

im gonna watch that movie later, thanks

I have my own things to spend my time + effort on. Besides I can’t read and comprehend your list. Everyone has their own list they need to tap into.

Alternatives are fine as long as they are grounded in common sense and intelligence .
Much of the stuff posted on this thread, IMO, enters the realms of wishful, nonsensical fancy

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The giver is it a nice movie??

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That’s a bit of an assumption. Lol . Unless you mean all that energy stuff.

I think the cbt and critical thinking stuff is good

I am not a fan of CBT but really meant the energy/shamanistic/spiritual stuff.
Apart from CBT,which is massively overhyped, things like emotional intelligence,social skills etc make sense.


These things are common sense and intelligence. One aspect of it has even been used by the military with a level of success, using scientific means.

This is scientific research, ongoing…not nonsensical fantasy:

Advances in medical research are contributing to a more robust paradigm of mental health care that will translate into improvements in patient care in the coming decades. On-going advances in the neurosciences, psychopharmacology and brain imaging research will soon yield novel assessment approaches, more effective and safer conventional treatments
including drugs based on novel mechanisms of action and new therapeutic uses of light, weak electrical current and magnetic fields. Collectively, these advances are transforming the theoretical foundations and clinical therapeutics of contemporary Western mental health care. Novel theories in biomedical psychiatry promise significant advances in understanding of the nature and causes mental illness

And, consider the last part. This is serious because if all we have ever been exposed to in practice is traditional psychology, then that will be what is ingrained in us, so even the patients sometimes tend to reject the alternative methods… again, this is scientific, it is successful, and I know from personal experience it works…

Phenomena regarded as legitimate subjects of inquiry in non-Western healing traditions have been largely ignored in biomedical research including, for example, the role of prayer and intention in health and healing; and putative beneficial effects of so-called “subtle energy” on immunological or neurobiological functioning as postulated by practitioners of QiGong, “healing touch” or other forms of “energy medicine.”
Although many non-allopathic therapies meet conventional scientific criteria for efficacy and effectiveness they have not been endorsed as mainstream treatments largely because of entrenched conservative beliefs in Western medicine and strong academic biases against novel ways of understanding illness.

True you do not need to learn about it. Others learn about it though–where technology and inspiration are going. Brain-computer interface technology leads to neuroprosthetic devices; mental illnesses and mental disabilities may not always be treated with a pill but with such a device.

I do like reading about how others are responding to the different types of therapies becoming available. The link is a discussion about neuroprosthetic devices for depression. Maybe sometime you might browse through it, but I realize it really has to be something that interests you. I am not sure, when the devices become more available, how many folks will look into how they were designed and who designed them.

I am also interested in learning more about this type of therapy: virtual reality graded exposure therapy (VRGET).

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Here is a site that deals with VRGET. It’s been used by the Navy but this is published by George Mason University, a research university…

This should also be of special interest to Neveragain because it deals with VA dealing with PTSD

VA should aggressively prevent and treat PTSD
(Report on the President’s Commission on Care for America’s Returning Wounded Warriors, July 2007)
VRGET Sessions 1 & 2: Meditation Training,
Biofeedback Training, exposure to SUDs, CBT,
review of Sentinel Event
 VRGET Sessions 2 – 10: Individualized VRGET
focused on increasing the intensity of the combat
“elements”, immersion in the combat
environment, eliciting SUDs, Sentinel Event
utilization & effecting “habituation”

Now this does involve technology and I have not experienced this method myself. However I have been exposed to numerous ‘environments’ utilizing RV and astral methods on my own. Some can get pretty intense, but as i have said to me it’s like a virtual reality game. I know it is not really a game at all, but it still must be played like one.
I have never participated in CRV exactly…not with direct technology. I have basically done solo location by emotion, however at times other entities were involved and guiding me in steps along the way. I am referring to some of the things mentioned in this link I posted previously

If your into RV etc you might want to watch The Men Who Stare At Goats: