Doctors using alternative techniques

I’m aware of that book and movie…never saw it but have discussed it at length with those who have.

This article published in the news in 2009 speaks more of it. As it says, the movie exaggerates things, however on the other hand, the news article downplays things.

Keep in mind a lot of what is published about RV is from the military programs. The practice is actually ancient. Astral projection can be considered as a form of remote viewing because your spirit/consciousness travels to another place and you can see things at a distance from where you are sitting. there may be some difference in that strait RV doesn’t involve an out of body experience: you can see into another place while your body, soul, and spirit remains intact.
Rather, as I experienced twice, a type of portal opens in your vision and connects you to the place. It seems you are actually in the place. But it’s more like a wormhole connecting 2 places and you can see through it. Interesting that one of the RV projects was called Stargate…

ok emporer. if you can remote veiw then tell me something about my immediate envoirenment. tell me about my house…try and remote view me. i’ll bet you ten bucks that you don’t get what i would consider a hit…go for it, prove me wrong. i’ll bet you any money that even if you get in the vaguest vicinity of a hit it will be more to do with my gender than any psychic knowledge on your part. go for it. i’m all ears.

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It doesn’t work that way. Maybe there are some test subjects that can RV that way. I have never operated under any test type environment, or when people say 'See if you can tell me what I’m doing, or what is next to me." I have been asked by quite a few people.

For me there has to be either some emotional connection or desire to access the place. And at times it has happened without me trying to do it.
It’s more like things have to line up - energies, my state of mind, vibrations, even seasons. Spring Equinox season from sometime in February to late March is when I usually have had the best experiences. And I have to be in a certain spiritual state, not concerned with worldly affairs or doing a lot of work, being busy with material things I have to do.

In 2003 I was able to see through the portal, or wormhole twice. Saw very clearly what happened and in detail, just as if I was watching it in person.
I saw things as they happened at the time they happened, or very close to it. They hit the news the next day or 2 later. Exactly what I saw. the same year I saw 2 other events which also proved true in detail… so 4 times over the course of 2 months.

But everything lined up in order for this to happen. I don’t want to make it sound like these things take place daily or even regularly. They have happened several times in my life over the years but I would say they are rare occurrences.

OK lets say you could remote view, do you even think we’re remote viewing our own dimension?

Do you believe the inaccuracy’s are RV a different dimension or maybe deliberately by spirits or angles that make it impossible to see here unless we really needed to?

Maybe it would even be possible to switch which dimension were in if something really bad happened!

I used to try to RV and used to get the effect I was falling so decided to go parachuting in the session :smiley: I probably need more guidence!

Shouldn’t this thread be in ‘unusual beliefs’ rather than ‘recovery’ ?

That was a fantastic movie, was quite inspiring to allow the experience of both loving and pain of emotions.

Thanks for sharing that film @e_lunaseer

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Yes, you are dealing with other dimensions. There are times you go purely into those, while at other times you can see things in 3D on earth.
Inaccuracies can occur for a variety of reasons…one happens when people are just not getting anywhere and begin using guesswork and maybes.
Other times when there is an intrusion of spirits, energies, forces, and even other people who will try and offset what you are seeing and take you somewhere else, show you something else.

I was ‘caught’ one time by an MIB…he was floating above the ground so I assumed he was astral or in RV mode. He stopped me where I was but he was too late because i already saw what I was trying to see, even if it was quite a distance. I listened to him and stopped. I didn’t try to go further…maybe I could have if I tried.
Then he lied strait to my face but I could clearly see it was no weather balloon like he was trying to tell me. It’s like he didnt want me to get close to the crash site and he lied to me about what it was, but I still was able to get close enough to see it was a crash site and debri of a spaceship.

I think the MIB guy was taken by surprize because right before that about 10 aliens tried to block my way and I blasted through every one of them…they may have been holograms, or projected drones of some type…I got through them so fast the MIB didnt appear till I already could see the crash…they might have thought the aliens would slow me down and I would never see anything…but I got through…

You can see how it sometimes works like a virtual reality game…

This was no UFO or fantasy made up stuff with no evidence…because the shuttle crashed that day and later I saw the field of debri on the news…see, no weather balloon…but why was this guy in a black suit and tie floating around stopping me in the vision and telling me lies, and the aliens standing in my way before that? That’s why I know other forces in the viewing can try and mess with you sometimes.

As far as alternative treatments go, I will go as far as taking EPA fish oil, but I also take my medications as prescribed.
The fish oil is by prescription and was really prescribed for my high triglycerides, but Omega 3 is also good for SZ/BP and depression

for anyone who’s really interested in the validity of remote viewing, check out the skeptic’s dictionary take on the stargate programme. the guy running the show? to this day has not let any other scientists view the data from over twenty years of experiments. the whole thing was shut down my the c.i.a because the data it yielded was proven to be of no practical use for intelligence purposes. and to quote jessica utts, a true believer like lunaseer, neither training nor practice improved the hit rate. and when the proper protocols were applied to try and replicate the borderline success rate, it couldn’t be done. do you understand that? the results could not be repeated. now if i was a scientist that had proven remote viewing to be a success i would be shouting it from the rooftops, i would also allow every scientist who was interested to view my data. there is no question of government interference as the data was unclassified years ago so why won’t ed may allow any other scientists to view the data from stargate? why because the protocols used were inadequate to ensure there was no bias or cheating. it’s crap. lunaseer, i think you have a very vivid imagination but that’s as far as it goes. sorry to burst your bubble mate but if you’re going to quote scientific experiments then they have to be watertight and the stargate program is about as watertight as the titanic!


So my vivid imagination just happened to dream up the shuttle crash as it happened… I didn’t find out till later that morning from the news…hadn’t even known a shuttle was in space at the time.
My vivid imagination saw an Iraqi soldier get shot in the leg, saw his face very clearly, then I see the same exact guy, wounded in the leg and on a stretcher on CNN.
My vivid imagination watched a GBU28 dive by me and destroy a square building with a tower on it… had no idea what a GBU28 even looked like or that it existed at all… never saw the building before in my life… a couple days later there it was in the news…I looked up what they said was used to hit the building and there was exactly what I saw fly be me, and the same building.

Anyways, that’s just personal experience…it happened. It’s not some made up story.
As far as the debunking of the SG programme, I have seen some of the scientific papers and test documents. there were successes, direct hits. You need to dig into the material thats available. And they are NOT going to declassify every single document…there will be lots of stuff blanked out, or not available. Not every detail will be made known and they have their reasons for this…it’s not because it didn’t work.

There is some good material here that explains different scientific studies and experiments into RV

I am interested in hearing what remote viewers have to communicate. I have started with the Eight Martinis publications, to list a source. The publications are free to download and are current.

I am following progress with the experiment in this article: A New Scientific Experiment Involving Prediction and Multiple Universes, Eight Martinis Issue 1.

I am keen to know more about the data in this article from Eight Martinis Issue 2: p-Teleportation Airforce research into teleportation physics and psychokinesis

What the OP asserts are his own experiences, I consider how an expert remote viewer would constructively respond. Maybe the expert would respond using this information to a degree. (From Eight Martinis Issue 1.)

Remote Viewing From The Perspective Of “Embodied Mind”

This topic has not received a great deal of attention in the remote viewing literature (at least not in the last two decades), nor in contemporary online forums. The most extensive online exploration appears in Ingo Swann’s Superpowers of the Human Biomind. In these valuable essays in “linguistic archaeology”, Swann discusses our multiple senses (closer to 17 than 5), sensory “transducers” and the limits of traditional vocabulary in apprehending and understanding psi in general and the remote viewing process in particular.

is this the same ingo swann that said he saw cities on mars and jupiter? is that the ingo swann you mean…yeah…have a lot of faith in what that guy has to say…not. listen i don’t blame you for wanting to believe at all but it has to be a non biased belief. i wouldn’t trust a single thing ingo swann says after the mars and jupiter debacle.

i will look at the site and get back to you. x

It likely is your imagination . I used to get random technical words that I would hear in my mind and I’d look them up not having a clue what it really was and it’d end up being some new environmental energy resource . So I would confirm that this knowledge was sent to me.

What I really needed to be thinking was , maybe I had read something earlier or watched something along the lines of what I just heard. Or maybe my core focus was on stuff like that at the given time.

I was looking for any way to confirm what I thought I was receiving psychically

The imagination is vast and confusing

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i can’t vouch for your personal experiences emporer as i wasn’t there when you saw them, you didn’t tell me in detail before you saw the news so i couldn’t verify what you saw. i’m not calling you a liar either. all i’m saying is for me to believe there has to be irefutable evidence by skeptics and a skeptic isn’t someone who dismisses the notion out of hand, it’s someone who places stringent controls on experiments so there can be no bias or cheating.

as for the stargate program, there is no information that is still classified. there is no conspiracy to hide the truth other than Ed May not allowing the data to be checked because of bias in the experiments. he was the sole judge of whether the tests results were hits or misses and he had prior knowledge of what the targets were. that is bias.

one of the stars of the stargate programme now as a private consultancy and looks for missing persons…to this day he has found not one missing person.

joe mcmoneagle has a private consultancy looking for oil deposits among other things yet i don’t see him as an oil baron just yet, do you?

david morehouse, again has a private consultancy dabbling in stock markets among other things and yet he’s not made a fortune on that either. why? because none of them are as good as their wonderful books suggest they are. i’ve read one of david morehouse’s books and he takes great pains to blow his own trumpet but he can’t be that bloody good or he’d be a very rich man or he would’ve found tens of missing persons by now.

let me tell you, i have had three what you may consider precognitive experiences but i don’t jump to the conclusion that’s that what they were. i think about what i saw and see if i can attribute it to anything else at all before i come to the conclusion that they are precognitive experiences. just the other night in fact i saw my daughter’s boyfriend with a plaster cast and a sling on his right arm sat on the end of my bed. that was what i saw in my mind’s eye. i’ll let you know if it happens or not.
but the stuff i saw before could well have been coincidence. i see a whole lot of things in my mind most of which are just noise and sort of catastrophising or day dreaming unconsciously. some are good, some are bad some just plain stupid. what i wonder about those past experiences is, why didn’t i see the even worse stuff that happened to me? if there is anything there emporer, it’s fleeting, unreliable and untrainable. it just seems to pop up out of nowhere at any point for no reason and unless you can hone it to a useful degree then it is worthless and not even the stargates psychics can do that. if they could they would’ve predicted 9/11, plane crashes, terrorist activity, lottery numbers, the election of the first back president and so on. the point is, they haven’t so if there is anything to it, right now it’s not much use to anybody and is nothing but an enticing anomoly of the human mind. see everyone remember the so called hits but no one seems to mention the hundreds of misses that these people make all time. believers only spout the hits and that’s biased reporting which is wrong. if there is any hope of honing this so called ability in the future then we have to be honest with ourselves in order to find a way to turn it into a useful tool. right now there is too much bias and it pisses me off. x

I do not rule out remote viewing because I have not learned everything I aim to learn about when it comes to all of our senses. I never said I believe in it. I believe it is a possibility.

There is a lot of material in the publications from men and women who work in universities across the nation. And, I expect them to quote Swann.

one of my voices tries to convince me by saying, how could i be so erudite if i wasn’t telepathic lol…like i’d never heard the word before but i remember looking it up years ago when i was young and now here it is being played back to me in the form of a complex character in my mind. if i was a true believer, and i used to be, then i would assume i was dealing with telephone clarity telepathy but i’m not a true believer anymore at all so just contribute it to a splinter personality created in my mind, as are all the others. my mind sure is an amazing piece of hardware that’s for sure to create all these characters. and you know what, once i stopped believing in them, these personalities came out with, no you weren’t telepathic back then, they were just personalities but now it’s the real thing…what a load of shite. it’s amazing what a splinter personality can come up to carry on it’s existence.

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Yes this the voices tricks. They like give you complex words you think you have no idea what they are to lure you back into trusting them

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well i can’t put any faith in swann after what he said about jupiter and mars. they also ran some out of body experiments with him, he failed every time. if they are going to quote anybody then they should quote a better source than swann, that’s for sure.

like i said, i don’t have a problem with the research at all so long as there’s no bias and the right protocols are in place to protect against that and cheating. these experiments should be run by skeptics as far as i’m concerned not true believers. replication is key to being accepted in the scientific community and i’ve never heard of successful replication yet but that doesn’t mean i’ll stop looking. x

I think we are all capable of pre-cognition on occasion but doing it consistently is another matter. This morning I dreamt Arsenal would draw 2-2 and they did. Then there’s the ‘thinking of a song and it’s the next one played on the radio’ phenomena.

for the dream, you must really enjoy soccer so you dreamt about it, and it just happened that you got lucky with the score,

for songs, maybe you listen to that radio station a lot over time , and you brain has learned the pattern of the song schedule that is generally played on the given station at a given time over the course of time.

the mind is constantly observing and taking in information and filtering it and developing patterns and recognizing those patterns.

just an idea…

its like someone who has a habit of paying attention to the time on a clock and associating same numbers like 2:22 3:33 4:44 5:55 11:11 etc as something special, They get into habit forming of paying attention to that and magically keep noticing that when they look at the clock “wow its 11:11 again!” and now the mind is further more paying attention to this and it continues.

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