Do your mental health providers talk to you like you're a child?

Sometimes they’ve taken me seriously when I was pseudo intellectual. Then I managed to make it real. I think they often talk to me like a child in the subconscious and I don’t mind.

Not really. My pdoc explains things to me about my Sz and meds as a layperson. He isn’t talking to me like a child though.


My pdoc never talks to me like a child he’s always reasonable and talks me like an adult.

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My pdoc therapeutically supports me as an adult. She’s not condescending.

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I get treated like an adult and with respect by mine. Early on when I wasn’t doing well I remember being spoken to as one would speak to a six year old. Very simple instructions that I still didn’t follow back then.



We have care plans to fill out for all providers. On the forms we list triggers. My top one is being talked to like I am stupid or a child.

I had 1 lady, who was also a religion pusher, talk down to me. I just sat and stared at her until she got someone else.

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Since living where I am now, the answer is ‘no’. At my last place there was a bit of a tendency to do that .

No, not at all. I actually really like my psychiatrist; she’s a very good doctor. I like my psych nurse who gives me my shots, too. They always treat me like an adult.

I’ve heard of mental health providers being like that toward patients, talking to them like they’re children, and I’m sure many are infuriated by it. I would be.

Not really. Most staff have been very understanding and find a friendly guiding tone that isn’t patronising.

If your staff is being passive aggressive etc you need to stand up for yourself. Probably my biggest regret from MH care is letting one or two staff treat me in properly and trying to be friendly about it even though I knew they were wrong to do so.

If you feel like they are infantilising you too much you could always say something like “sometimes I think you don’t treat me like an adult”. But chances are they are probably trying to be accommodating and don’t realise you find it patronising.

If you say it in a soft, composed rational way I don’t think they’d get upset.

The CPN i see monthly, can be known to try some psychological trickery at some times, like by keeping asking the same question, but i get on with him well.

I see a different consultant Psych every time. The last one forgot how to smile.

I generally get on with my team, i do dish out some crap at times, and they take it.

My doctor treats me with the same respect I treat him.

I’ve asked him to explain some things to me in detail,

When he does he still doesn’t act like I’m stupid.

I’m very grateful for my pdoc.


My last pdoc was great. To be honest they’ve always been. The only thing that did seem a little unprofessional was my therapist who sometimes laughed at what I was saying on the very rare occasion when it was not meant to be funny

We get on alright, but I don’t like the fact they don’t have resource anymore for the doctor and patient relationship to be a good one

It’s all done through intermediaries now, and that sucks because so much gets lost in translation

My communication is not always great in spoken words

I am better at writing


A sign they can look for when detecting SZ: inappropriate laughter.

After a given appointment, I think about what just happened and I realize I may have exuded inappropriate laughter, given the reaction from the mental health professional.

It’s really awkward when your child talks to you like you’re a mental health provider.


My last pdoc used to condescend to me a little, but that’s just part of a normal interaction.

You literally are one to them in any other form but name (assuming they’re little).

My previous pdoc was treating me like a dumb person.current pdoc doesn t even talk to me.but its not personal his style

I have just one word for you here: Teenagers.

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If my psychiatrist talk to me like i was a child i would tell him/her where the bear shits in the buckwheat!