Do your hallucinations disappear or stay

Was talking about this with my also schizoaffective friend. My hallucinations that look real (ie people, animals, etc) are there for only a few seconds then vanish into thin air. Hers do not vanish and will just be there for hours, like standing at the foot of her bed staring at her or whatever. She said the other people she met with psychosis at the hospital also have the “vanishing” hallucinations. What about you guys?

Mine come and go. :hamster::hamster::hamster:

Mine don’t stay.

Mine vanish after some seconds

They vanish quite quickly.

Mine can disappear but I have complex ones. I can go to a whole different place like in a dream but I see it with my eyes.

The whole scenery can change.

Mine stay outside of my house with meds. Well, what people tell me are hallucinations stay outside of my home. Satan used to visit me and scare me in my house but the meds made that go away.

Vanish, thank goodness. I see demons, so it is scary enough having them around for a few seconds, let alone longer!

Disappear thankfully. Not drinking alcohol helps.

Mine disappear most of the time, but sometimes I feel like I’ve traveled to another world and everything looks different

They disappear for me, unless I’m sitting looking at a book or computer or something, then they stand and watch me, I usually don’t realize this is a hallucination for a few minutes until I get really uncomfortable being watched and look up to see no one is there

Mine vanish after 5-10 seconds. The only hallucination I have that is there all the time is the floors and walls breathing. They move up/down or in/out like your chest does when you breathe.


Blinks and flashes of being in some new world, or of the dead. Just long enough to take notice then gone

Thanks to everyone who’s responded it seems like no one gets ones that stay like my friend does. Very interesting. To me that says there is a unique mechanism behind her hallucinations.

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