How can you tell it is a hallucination?

When do you know? When it disappears?

Personally, I never knew I was hallucinating until my counselor saw me responding to what wasn’t there in his office. I didn’t know before that they weren’t real. My psychiatrist said you can learn to tell what is a hallucination. I’m trying to learn.

When the cat in my living room disappeared I knew it was a hallucination

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What do you see @FlyingPurplePeopleMeeter?

I see mostly people. I also see animals. I see less now while on medication, but it still happens.

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I get either the type that takes place in my head or the type that manifests outside my body, but the second group is always see through like a hologram, so it’s easy to tell it apart from a real person.

Whispers are the only things that have caused me to second guess myself. Luckily most people in my family never whisper.

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I didn’t figure out I hallucinated until I saw a little girl who came to talk to me enter the room through a wall and a chair.

No telling how many times it happened before then.

When I see strangers in my house I assume I am hallucinating. On the streets I would never know.

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I just ask my mom if she hears that an it’s always no. But it sound so real.

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I ask my best friend if she perceives the same message I do and she usually always says no. Especially if it is something that upsets me.

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These are great tips! Thanks @Om_Sadasiva @agent101g @TomCat @TheVoices @SkinnyMe

How To Spot a Hallucination

  1. It disappears.
  2. It doesn’t speak in a normal volume.
  3. It doesn’t enter through a door.
  4. It is a stranger to my house.
  5. Ask someone else if they hear it.



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