Do you watch Pokemon

i think its very strong franchise. i will try to get into it somehow. some when. GAME

we live in a Digital Era. can watch pokemon TV in browser

I watch Pokémon on TV in the morning sometimes

Pokemon is pretty awesome, not gonna lie.

I was really into it back in middle school-- so from the ages of 11-13.

Never watched the show religiously or anything, but was really into the Pokemon themselves.

Which one is your fave, @crazy_dancer_arcade_pro?

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i used to watch pokemon with my brother when i was a kid. Haven’t seen anything of it for quite some time though.

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i am beginner pokemon

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i think its worth for time investment into pokemon

Oh, so like the original ones?

I think the newer Pokemon aren’t as cool as the older ones, but maybe I’m just being a hipster.

One of my favorites was Vaporeon:


I think that too


no new pokemon are better cool

powerful pokemons

i will play pokemon next month i will catch them all

I think the older original ones are better too. :bear::bear::bear:


no new ones :rage: :rage: :rage: :rage: :rage:

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you dont understand the modern standarts :grin: :innocent:

I politely disagree. :grinning::grinning::grinning:


Scyther was my favorite.

I remember Pokémon. Being called a Snorlax was an insult that would get tossed around in middle school. I don’t know, he kinda looks happy.


pokemon is harmless video game. like meditation . i dont have pokemon games :frowning: i want to have, but cant have atm. maybe next month i will buy brilliant

Snorlax is mah dood. Snorlax, Slowpoke, and Psyduck are my top 3. I’ve been called a slacker more than once. :smiley:

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I got Shining Pearl. It’s pretty rad as I didn’t play the original one.

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