Do you want people to check up on you


When you go through something ridiculous like this illness do you want others to call you or maybe send you an email? In my situation I was publicly having many symptoms. I didn’t get one call or even a message.

I was pretty mad though and creating stupid facebook pages that really didn’t make any sense. I posted a lot of nonsense to social media and stopped using it. Still nobody checked up on me. I guess that’s how people in Colorado are. I guess I’m just one of those people that people vaguely knew and didn’t have many personal connections. People just stayed away. I guess I could look at it in a good way. People didn’t want to get in my business.


I don’t know what I want from people. Nothing I guess. Kindness?


People should check up. Because of that I received fast treatment


A lot of people in special urban ones are indifferent


My family and 2 friends text me regularly just to see what’s up and i see my mental health worker at least once a week.


I don’t want my family to check up on me wen I am phychotic, becus I don’t trust them. but wen I am well I want them too so that I don’t feel lonely


I wish more people would check on me. If they did maybe I could have avoided the hospital this time. Maybe if someone would have noticed, you know? But no one pays attention to me.


I am glad there are now people checking up on me. They make sure I’m all right. At my old address the only family I had relatively near(a stepdaughter 9 miles away) hadn’t seen me for years. Well over 90% of the time I was left to my own devices. I struggled to cope with a 2 bedroom flat and was not functioning well . There was no one to pick up on that apart from a stepdaughter who was far away, and only saw me every 6 months or so . There was no one from mental health services checking up on me at home.

Here my stepdaughter and granddaughters see me regularly. I have support from a care agency, and a nurse sees me personally at home for my depot rather than being in a conveyor belt situation at a depot clinic. If I had stayed where I was things would have just got worse and worse.

There is more chance of being able to maintain some form of independence with the support I am getting . Without it I’d struggle to live independently.

Above all it’s good to have people near who care for and love me.


I have a lot of people that closely monitor me.
My father and brother, my psychiatrist, my therapist and case manager.


Well I’m glad you are doing well now @LED. I notice you.


I’m very blessed. I have professional people checking up on me almost every week.


People talk to me but they don’t check up on me much . Unless I’m venting directly at them or I get irrationally mad at them over nothing, they don’t ask how I’m feeling or what’s going on with me emotionally or mentally. Even the ex I’m living with who sees me 24/7 doesn’t ask what’s going on unless I’m crying uncontrollably. I hate that I have to go completely off the rails for anyone to check on me properly.


Thank you. That means a lot to me. If it weren’t for the love I get here I’m sure I would be much worse off. I need to learn to be better at asking for help since no one is ever going to offer it.


I just got off the phone from explaining to a friend that I hadn’t heard from her in awhile and that I was feeling down and needed her. I used to be too proud to do that, but sometimes one has to remind people of one’s needs. I have to speak up about social needs to keep from fading into the woodwork.


It’s good to know that there are people who would notice if I suddenly disappeared.


I like my husband to check up on me and be there for me - I just called him while he’s away because the car alarm of the people next door went off for ten minutes straight. Put me into full on paranoid fight or flight. Took Klonopin but it hasn’t been in my system long enough to kick in yet, so it was great that he always wants to check on me.

Other than that, I get my support from here. My mom is there for me but doesn’t understand sza and my sister cares but is too busy for me.

For what it’s worth, I care about you @TheBest and also @LED


Been there with Fight or Flight. Not a good feeling. I hope you feel better. Thanks for the kind words. Stuff like that makes my day pass quicker. The quicker the better.


The quicker the better indeed. All I ever want to to do is sleep to escape my sza…today is dragging because I’m alone.


You are not alone in your aloneness. If you were paying attention, you could see that there are a lot of us who experience this neglect or negligence. It is easy enough to come up with reasons for it. What can you do about it? Follow a routine as much as possible. Get out of the house daily. Exercise when you can to defeat depression. Cooperate with the mental health workers. They are not the enemy. Enjoy your solitude. Family might sympathize but they are often lacking understanding. Every little bit with others helps. Recognize your problem and act when you can. Avoid resentment.


My family doesn’t check up on me. Just my dad