Do you want people to check up on you


No I want to be left alone


I could be dead for days and no one would know, guess they would find me at some point LOL

Been on my own so long, not sure I could handle someone coming around


I like people checking up on me, not in a controlling way, not in a nosey way, just in a caring way.


I live with my parents so they’re always asking how i’m doing. So that’s good.


My kids are oblivious, my in-laws try but are busy with other things, my friends feel “uncomfortable” especially when I am having problems and my folks are dead… that leaves my husband who tries so hard that I feel sorry for him… when I’m not irrationally angry wirh him for it.

So I try to be self-sufficient. It would be nice if there was someone other than my husband checking up on me, sometimes but I don’t think that’s possible with the way mental health is viewed.


When I’m unwell I think I don’t need any help and become very agitated when people try. Still, looking at this from a position of better wellness, it would be nice if people cared. That way you don’t ruin your whole life during a psychotic episode. It is sad when someone badly needs help but people do nothing. Makes you think you’re invisible and that nobody sees you. That you could disappear off the earth tomorrow and nobody would notice you’re gone. That’s how I feel sometimes.


My father and brother will ask me if I’ve taken my medication once in a while.
This can be a bit annoying.


Sometimes I want people around me who would notice if I came up missing, but I don’t want a lot of scrutiny.


I do want people to check up on me but not that many know about my condition. It falls on my husband’s soldiers or my parents’.


I check in on ya…gotta meet my daily quota of p manning harassments lol


Yes i like a text or call from some of people i know, I don’t mind :slight_smile:


I agree butterfly :butterfly: I would like to be checked up on but not in a belittling power crazed controlling way etc but a caring kind way.

My grandpa used to call and say “just checking up on you “.
He is dead now.

My father calls a couple times a year?

It may be my fault because I had delusions about him.
I said he molested me because I have a memory of it but maybe it was a past life or maybe a delusion.
He might not have forgiven me for it.
He has closer contact with my brother and sister and visits them several times a year.but not me :cry:
I was a touch jealous that they were valued more ,treated better etc same my brozzz in Sweden.

It’s my fault becyi isolated from my family because I used to hear them when I had voices …
I even thought my grandma wanted to kill me and she adored me and said I was her favourite grandchild even.
She is dead now.:cry:

I do not have any friends I hang out with but have a old friend I only just got contact with again but she has a family n lives far away n we do not keep contact much.i sent her a gift n she sent me one back.

I was alone n living alone but I had my sacred neigh who I was paranoid about at one point too n people trying to take her from me etc

I lived alone for years but isolated.

I need my alone time n rest time n space and I do not want people at me like my bf friends n family treating me as if they are superior n try bossing me around as the lowlife…

I do not agree with them but can’t stand dinners with them but avoid it n do my best.

My bf notices when I am not well and gets angry because it can make him stress n get unwell too .

Anders I can not write here …now but he took care of me and why were we not together destructive forces n I was with men I was not the least compatible with.
I felt others were maliciously steering me unfortunately.

I’m not clear about him n did not apologise to him or my girlfriend etc

My bf has a few similarities.
He is good to me but every day he says “you already said that” is it dementia type symptoms…I seem to repeat myself and I feel brain damaged.

I really wanted to be a aged career but I can’t .

Some do not have any family …no children …so alone and afraid…
But there is help for them to get loved and quality of life good food exercise hope etc


Some of my best friends are male and we laugh together n play but we are only spirit friends my female ones too.
Our bodies do not hang out.

I’m glad my bf helps n checks up on me.

I miss some of my spirit friends I have not felt for a while.
One of them is the funniest person I know.


i like my independence and also my privacy. still, it is nice when people show they care and ask how I am etc.

often it feels more like the opposite of showing care and concern goes on in my life.



I live in a apartment I talk to the neighbor and my good friend in the basement that I see everyday


Good to see you around.



I appreciate it when people check up on me.
I have some friends and family members who regularly checks up on me and asks how I’m doing. It’s nice, makes me feel like they care :slight_smile:


I’m finding that people in my life know how I feel about being private. They call, come by, or we go somewhere…very hard with agoraphobia. I enjoy hearing from people, but, sometimes I have to take a day or so off.


My niece checks up on me about every week or two on the phone. She’s so sweet.


I would like that, I don’t know if I lived by myself though, I need my friends to understand my situation though.