Do you think your town/city folks know about you?

I get oftej this suspiciousness that everyone at my town knows about my condition and what I had done previously while psychotic


i have the same delusion that people know everything i do and know my condition also they are talking about me i feel even strangers out side my neighbourhood know me and tracking me

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I use to have this feeling when psychotic the meds help some. I do occasionally question myself wondering if they still might.

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Nobody cares in my town. If I was a nuisance they would send me to a psychiatric hospital.

I don’t bother to annoy people.

Yes it was. There for i changed my town and shifted.

It depends.

Do you live in a small town and do a lot of strange things in public? Do you harass locals? Make a lot of signs to put up all over your yard?

We have 3 people locally that do that,so everyone knows them. The sign lady is known all over several towns for more than the signs.

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I used to work in a small town, and everyone knows who you are even if not doing weird stuff. They were very nice people.

I’m sure the OP means if they know them due to their sz.

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I don’t think anyone knows me. I used to think I was on TV broadcasted to the whole world. Then I got medicated and think normal now.

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My cousins live in a small town and everybody knows each other.

I have the same delusion.

I don’t have it anymore. Only when I get my once a week paranoia.

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My entire town knows about me and now they’re bugging me to teach photography.

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