Do you think people dreamed of food alot?

So ive been dieting a little lately and had a dream i was eating some chicken. Anyways it got me thinking about what people dreamed of in the past. Do you think the peasants and homeless people would often dream of unknown food in the past? It seems like they may have dreamed of stuff that may not have been invented yet in their hunger dreams.

Got me thinking if its possible that there is dream food from the future in our dreams. I wonder if itll be true. It was fun to think about.


I had a dream I was in a strange earth-like universe in a restaurant. I was dipping a green stick into a bowl of white liquid. It wasn’t very saucey, I don’t know why I was doing that. The liquid dripped right off.

Then as I was leaving (don’t remember how I paid), a guy at the door who looked exactly like Mugatu of Zoolander said “Hope you make it back to your universe.”

The dream kept going, eventually I was in a hotel or something. Weird.

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