Do you think being wealthy makes you suffer less

Money helps keep from some problems, can create some problems, and some problems just over lap both.

I’d rather suffer the rich side.

I rely on my mother and the government. I get a weekly allowance from the government and I have saved a bit just not sure whether this bit could run the house. My mother pays all the bills in the house and buys the food so really I have no idea if am well off or not. We have land that we could sell but I think that’s gonna be split four ways so it really isn’t a lot. All depends on whether my weekly allowance is enough to buy food and pay bills. I can live without all the other ■■■■.

Let’s look at the evidence. People want things like a house, car, and a routine of self interest driven consumption. People lie, cheat, and steal to get money. People often times choose a spouse based on their income level on dating sites. People take on huge loans in the present to make more money in the future. People spend money they don’t have on credit cards; partly, on things they can do without. Being rich in society gets you attention, praise, and honor. People need money to feed their interests which cost money. Every business depends on money for survival. Money is talked about on all forms of media on a daily basis. People become ruthless when they find out there will be cuts at their job or place of business leaving them with less money. When people lose their jobs they often lose friends or someone they’re dating. All the advice on dating sites point to being more materialistic. Religious organizations tell you not to value money but they always need money to survive. You be the judge.

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I still think it is a big blessing to be wealthy. :smiley:

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I still can’t figure out if you suffer less when you are wealthy, but I still think it is a big blessing to be wealthy…as long as you handle it correctly.

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