Do you take your meds at the same time everyday?

I sometimes take mine at 8pm and sometimes at 10/11pm. Do you think it would make a difference in my stability?

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I wouldn’t think so. I take mine sometimes hours apart and besides when the drowsiness kicks in I don’t know that its affected me in any noticeable way.

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I take mine between 9pm and 11pm

I am one for routine and I think it helps my symptoms. I try to take same time everyday and I’m pretty consistent. It’s obvious now if I miss a dose so I think it can’t hurt but would also say to do things like exercise everyday too…any routine is good for sz.


I use a medication tracker on my phone to try and always take at the same time. Not always successful as I often oversleep and miss the morning dose or fall asleep early and miss the evening one. Worth a try though :wink:

I take mine with a duration of 12 hours with 500 kcal. because one of them is Ziprasidone. And every 3 week I go to the health clinic to get my shot.

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I dont have a routine, sometimes i take them at night sometimes in morning, guess i should change that.

i take my meds at same times every day… sometimes i forget my after lunch meds for like half an hour but usually nothing more than that…

I try to. Once in the morning and once in the evening.

I take them as close to 7 AM and 7 PM as I can. I usually don’t notice a difference if I vary by an hour either way, but more than that and I start to get withdrawal symptoms that ruin my night.

I used to be very strict about taking my antipsychotic at the exact same time each day.

Nowadays I aim for the evening… That is all really

I try for 8am and 8pm but I totally screw it up about 20% of the time and take the morning dose at noon and then take the evening dose a little later to compensate. Also my evening meds knock me out so if I want to stay up later I wait on taking the dose until I’m ready to go to sleep.

I take my meds at the same times every day. I have an app that goes off when it’s time to take my medicine so I don’t forget. I have managed to get side tracked and forget to take it, but that really rare for me

I try to take two divided doses.
AM and PM during the same times every day and night.