Do you surround yourself with what you've became, or do you become what you're surrounded with

Asking both in general and for you personally?

Do you surround yourself with what you’ve became, or do you become what you’re surrounded with

or maybe neither, maybe you’re lost in a world of rebellion

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I’m lost in your question. :unamused:


Well … Yes and no. Because sense.


I think people will become what they are surrounded with…

I’ve been with the parks for a few years… some of the kids from juvenile hall end up on work duty some times…

The kids who work in the parks and at our nature centers and other community places can see that they are part of the community… not against… they become more involved… more engaged… more at peace with themselves

If you keep a person surrounded by mean and petty thinkers and gossipers… they no longer see the good in human nature… and become petty and mean too…

Environment does have an influence on our actions.

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Soak in the brine long enough and you turn into a pickle.



90% of humanity is like that - they chose the either.

10% of them find themselves and dont care about what the surroundings sound like. They be themselves

I feel I have been dragged down to the level of the idiots destroying my things, then I can’t stand what I’ve become.
I keep being pulled in the directions of my wants, but know it’s hopeless to think I’ll get anything I want.
I won’t give up nonetheless.

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i was surrounded by evil… :imp: .
i dissolved it… with love :smiley:
take care :alien:


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