I’m not in control of the external world so why should i care

Things are gonna happen and stuff is always changing none of which i can control so why should i care. If someone has an opinion of me i don’t care. Even if the world blows up i still don’t care cause its just how it goes i guess. All i can care about is what I’m doing and how I’m taking care of my bunnies. Beyond that other people and other situations that happen outside of me are out of my control, so ■■■■ it, not my problem


Sometimes it’s good to get everything out in the open. I really don’t think it’s that messed up. If you stay on a clean path everything will eventually make sense.


I’m not in control of my external world, wish I were though, it would make my life much easier. Was ok before but I pray everything will be alright have peace and quiet.


The only one who you control and can change is yourself. Not many people are interested in changing how they do things based on what others think.
I think you’re on the right track. But I still think it’s worth caring about what goes on around you to some degree. I think if you take of your bunnies and yourself you will be fine tho. :grin::rabbit:


This sounds a lot like stoic philosphy. It teaches about not giving into emotions and never getting upset about things outside of your control. I try to practice this but it’s not always easy.

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People who are strong enough can make a difference in the world. I hope to be that strong someday.

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Do you have a strong character dude? (No offense)

my issue is similar but also totally different, i’m not in control of the internal world or the external world.

Thank you now tell that do the part of me that cares.

Yeah I used to worry about politics and such. These days I’m with you! Stuff it. If it happens then it happens. Nothing I can do is going to change it so I just work on myself! Supposed everyone felt this way? Then I’d be a damned fool if I didn’t!

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