Do you remember lyrics of songs


I can not remember, but I am fascinated with people who do remember.


Merry Christmas everyone !


yes i used to be noted for it. i knew every word to every song that was in the charts…i wouldn’t do now as i don’t listen to the radio anymore. but i still know the ones my dad listens to. not all of them but some of them anyway.


I know the lyrics to the songs I sing on the guitar. some I’ve forgotten but I know many so it’s hard to keep up with all of them. plus I’m old. haha…


When I pick a song to add to my collection, I almost always check out the lyrics. If for some reason I don’t like the lyrics, I’m not gonna add it. I don’t care how good the beat is.


I can usually remember a few lines from my favorite songs. I tried to memorize “Stairway to Heaven” with no luck. I always forget two or three lines.


I remember when I saw one of my favorite bands, "R.E.M. " in concert. Michael Stipe, the lead singer had to have the lyrics to their songs on a music stand in front of him to read. I think Bruce Springsteen would have a hard time remembering all the lyrics to his own song. He’s very “wordy” in his songwriting.


I listen to the radio for entertainment so I don’t pressure myself to listen carefully. I always remember the major lines but rarely know the entire song. Christmas songs I do know by heart.


As I get older and older…The record companies get together and change the words on me…Or so I think…

But then again…A lot of singers barely sing a legitimate language anyway.

Case in point…