Do you prefer being attractive or smart

I prefer to be smart.

Do you prefer to be attractive or smart?
  • Attractive
  • Smart

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if i am attractive i have more motivation to become smart

then i can have both

hypothetically lol


Thanks for setting that up.

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Sorry - I just enjoy a nice compilation of data.

I prefer smart but it would be nice to have both. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’m already too smart for my own good. It hasn’t always worked out well for me. I’ve started to care more about my appearance in recent years, smelling and looking as nice as I can, at least if I am going out. But I think being more physically attractive people would treat me differently.

If you had to choose one of them which one would you choose.

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That would imply im not either and looking at one or the other like something attainable but not already given.

Maybe i got caught up in syntax and semantics

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Yeah, I’d settle for one of them.

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I’m neither so…

I’m never going to be.attractive. So that just leaves being smart. Due to imposter syndrome, low self belief and low esteem etc I often don’t feel very smart.

Hmm. . .

Being Attractive Can Make You Feel Smart?.

Being Smart Can Make You Feel Attractive?.

Which Is Better, Attractive Or Smart?.

Angelina Jolie Would Smile And Respond The Question With, 'BOTH"!.

For It Is True, She Is Attractive And Smart.

Not Too Mention ‘Girl Interrupted’ Is A Great Movie!.

Although, Winona Ryder And The Rest Of The Entire Cast Is Jus As Attractive And Smart.

Hmm…, Maybe The Answers To These Endless Life Altering Questions Exist In That Movie.

And If Not, At Least You Can Get A Bowl Of Popcorn Out Of The Deal!.

For me it helps to be OK with what I see in the mirror. It’s actually a very underrated part of life.

It’s also a good metric of overall health when meeting new people. It can be deceiving like in my case cuz of my MI. But I come across as healthy, and that’s important to me

Hey being smart can be attractive as well :stuck_out_tongue:


I think I may be smart already but it’s complicated because I’m also autistic. I have limitations that make it hard to say being smart makes things better or easier for me.

Then again, being an attractive autistic woman can have its pitfalls too because we can be naive and easy to take advantage of. I’m not sure I want that kind of attention in my life.

Can I choose personality?

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I prefer to be balanced. And that’s what I am. But it still doesn’t seem like enough. Maybe I’d be better being a specialist in some sort. Which I choose intelligence. More potential in the field of intelligence than looks. However I’d choose tie if it were an option.

I think there is a. Fetish where people get off on intelligence.

I forget what it’s called tho

Nope you can’t have both

They are both nice qualities to have but i would have to give the edge to Smart.

:“Looks fade, dumb is forever” - Judge Judy