Do you make things more complicated than they need to be?

This is following @patient’s topic. I didn’t want to hijak the thread so I created a new one.

I tend to overcomplicate things.

I mean wanting to know the exact diagnosis so I can feel comfortable within myself. But I have had many.

When I was told I had schizophrenia, something felt very “off”. I had read about other illnesses. I was noticing things about my moods. But upon questioning it and asking my pdoc, she would say it’s all part of the denial that goes with schizophrenia…

But when I finally got the diagnosis of schizoaffective and it was recognised I have a mood disorder too, I felt as though I was wrong to question it in the first place. I made up my symptoms to look like mood episodes. Afterall I am in denial I have schizophrenia so I am making all this up.

I don’t see the same pdoc. And now it is being proposed it may be bipolar. One opinion even said that. I still feel it’s schizophrenia and I am making it up to change dx.

It’s not that I want either, but her opinion was I wanted bipolar so I was reading into things too much.

I overthink every decision I make. Your diagnosis isn’t your decision. You have to let go and allow the whole “mental health process” to work for you. Just be honest about how you experience your symptoms. It matters more about the treatment than the diagnosis. :slight_smile:

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