Do you listen to ASMR?

What kind do you like?
Is it weird or fun to listen to?
I’ve always seen it on my YouTube recommendations.

I watched a lot of “Gibi” she may be the most well known … successful. Its all a big testament to “thinking on your feet” and maybe inspiring.

I also watched a male by the name “MassageAsmr”… I like his back story bc he no doubt began as making massage videos and people found him really relaxing to listen to.

I was a big Bob Ross fan (on absentee days from school.) He’s widely credited looking back, but the best thing about this topic is that it came together by people sharing common phenomena online, and didn’t even have a name until 2007.

I might have a blog somewhere bc I like to explore unspoken things; bc if you think about it, people are guarded about thoughts; super shy about feelings; and almost never talk about “sensations”. But who cares if you get tingles in your scalp from auditory stimuli.

(The “feels” in music passages are the same thing.). And it’s why the question “what type of music do you listen to? Strikes fear in the heart of man. Haha



I have ASMR and I am fortunate for that. Right now there are over 1.5 million youtube videos from dedicated “ASMRtists” who have the sole intention of bringing about a drug free euphoric sensation that starts in your scalp and travels down your spine bringing about relaxation. To me, it’s better than meditation.


ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. It has only been given this name since 2007 when an Internet user on a message board spoke about a sensation he had since childhood. He mentioned feeling euphoria from random events like “watching a puppet show” or “being read a story”.

Many in the ASMR community remember having their first encounter with ASMR while watching Bob Ross’s The Joy of Painting television program because Apparently the audio on that show…


I was giving asmr food noises ago today. I kinda like it which is weird as otherwise I don’t like mouth sounds.

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What is ASMR??? 1515151515151515

It’s usually like a pretty girl rubbing things on a microphone. I’ve watched some of Amoranth on Twitch.

Yeah it’s basically erotica. The most successful ASMR people are hot girls who whisper into the microphone. I really think it has very little to do with sound and stimulus and a lot more to do with “hey a hot girl is whispering to me.”

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Asmr is very addictive. I could listen to it all day. The tingles send me in a state of trance.

Here’s one of my favourite ASMR videos. You must listen with head phones because it’s 3D audio.

The 3Dio mics they use are full 3D . You can here from a distance and from far away. It’s not your usual mic, which is flat, it’s full virtual 3D sounds and vibrations.

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No, it creeps me out most of the time.

I think asmr is bad

I think it wastes your dopamine levels or something. It is because you BELIVE she is your gf but in reality she is teasing you

Successful Asmrtists tend to be attractive. But that correlates with every profession.

But I agree it could be more pronounced here… my fave could have been the male I spoke of, alas seeming to me he chipped his tooth somewhat badly and his audience declined as a result.

I just resent that gazillions watch this stuff and I’ve yet to find someone who admits to it in the real world. We’re actually more candid about porn it feels like.

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I watched a lot ASMR too, but I upload the audio to google play music…
These video really relax me. :slight_smile:

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I like FredASMR. He looks and sounds like Thor from the MCU and its a running joke.

I cannot stand food ASMR, as the sound of people chewing drives me up a wall. I stick to whispers, tapping, and scratching.

@agent101g, I don’t think its a sexual thing for a lot of people, anecdotally speaking I get no sexual gratification from ASMR, but it does give me “tingles” and gives me pleasant sensations. I know a lot of other people feel the same. Of course there are people who do get off on ASMR, which is okay too.

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