Do you like Woody Allen?

Do you like Woody Allen? He is a major intellectual. He writes books, makes movies, and plays a musical instrument in a band. He works hard all day and night. I have a book by him, it’s a book of humorous short stories. Maybe I’ve been missing out on life? Haven’t we schizos all been missing out? Do you have a good sense of humor? I thought my voice was the funniest thing in the world and yet he hates me, he has no sense of humor about what I’ve become.


He married his adopted daughter.

He’s ■■■■■■■ gross.


Seconding that.


Nope he’s a sex offender. I hate sex offenders.


I’m seconding what @Charles_Foster wrote, and I want to add that all his movies are pretty much about the same thing/theme/types of characters.

I’ve heard he’s a huge dick in person.


Never seen anything by him and don’t want to.


Should sex offenders be given second chances? I got into an argument with a staff member here in the group home where he said they should. I grew up in foster homes and children homes and I 100% think sex offenders shouldn’t be given second chances.


Nope. Not ever. Not for any reason.


This is a strong emotion for me. Sex offenders shouldn’t be given a second chance.


I know and met so called ‘‘respectable’’ foster carers who have been abusive.

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Just writing this opens myself up to emotional wounds.

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No, I don’t like him.
Never thought he was funny

Well, marrying his adopted daughter was legal even though pretty much everybody frowns on it. But it’s lasted 25 years so there’s something legitimate to the relationship. I mean they really like each other apparently, it’s not just some old man in it solely to rob the cradle.

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Never watched any of his movies, and after hearing about his “relations” I don’t particularly plan on doing so.


I wound up seeing most of them pre 2K as I’m a bit of a cinemaphile. I also don’t sleep much, at least not in long shots. I’m not sure what the fuss was about. I think the one I liked best was Sleeper. I won’t watch anything he makes now.

I also stopped watching Harrison Ford movies after he dumped his wife for a younger piece of tail. That pizzed me off.

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Did you like Bananas? To me, it seemed almost as funny as Sleeper.

I’m more partial to plantains.

Nah he’s a sick F***

Kinda reminds me of Elon musks father who got his step daughter pregnant;

apparently Elon grew up with his step sis as well, so that’s just pure sickness/desire/lust


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I liked one of his jokes “See this watch. It’s nice. My grandfather sold it to me on his deathbed.” I don’t condone some of his personal actions.

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