Do you like thinking stuff?

Do you like thinking stuff?
I think I used to like thinking in the pre-sz times, but as the content got negative,
I kinda started to throw certain content out my mind.
I think I’ll start to think stuff in the same manner like in the pre-sz times again.


I like thinking in depth about society. I’m a member of Infinity Family where we think in depth about societal problems.

I used to like thinking, letting my mind just wander wherever it wanted to go.

Then I had my psychotic break and started getting scared of some of my thoughts.

I don’t know if it’s the psychosis or PTSD, but right now I have to coach myself through some of my thinking to avoid having a panic attack.


I like thinking.


You Make A Great Point.

What Is Stuff?.

I was once called mentally lazy.

I think I don’t think enough.

Like absent minded more than I’d like to be…

“There’s nothing new under the sun”

I’m contemplating thinking about thinking

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Are we pensive today?

I like thinking about philosophical stuff, the big stuff like how does one or a society decide what is right and wrong, but not often I’m on thought overload most of the time.

I like thinking about stuff like how the universe evolved, how life began and how we got here.

In the big picture, we are but a blip on the screen


I used to like thinking… I don’t anymore… tired of the negative judgemental feedback… and the things responding to my thoughts


I know what you mean @anon63380492 the pinheads in my head can be annoying. But I refuse to give up what I love

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No I hate thinking my brain is full of intrusive thoughts obsessive mess and paranoia


I try really hard to be more mindful of thoughts too


It’s not that I like it, it’s that I do.

And I wish I could have a break from it sometimes. I’d like to be psychologically asleep for once.

It took me a while to realize I couldn’t think myself to wealth and acclaim, but in a modern society with modern technology a person could make a lot of money if they had money to invest to begin with, but at some point a person has to act, and they need money to put in promising places.

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