Do you like Kid Rock

I like some of his songs.

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Cowboy baby!


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Nothing against him.

I took a selfie underneath the street sign that says Hollywood and Vine. Couldn’t find it to save my life but I did it.

Well I guess it wasn’t a selfie. Someone else took the picture. I don’t do selfies. Not that good looking.

Yeah, the cowboy song and the duet with Sheryl Crow. They’re the only ones I know of his.

Oh yeah, the one about “smokin funny things.”

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I live in the Motor City area, and we grew up on Kid Rock and other artists from around here. He actually donated some athletic gear to a local high school after it was stolen.

With that being said, Im not overly fond of his music. Summer time in Michigan is played soooooo much around here that I cant even listen to Werewolves of London or Sweet Home Alabama without wanting to punch a wall.