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Do you like when it rains? Do you like when you’re out with umbrella and it rains?

  • Yes
  • Sometimes
  • No

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When I was visiting Britain, I enjoyed walking in the rain, it was seriously zen. Sadly I wore a non-waterproof jacket that started smelling a little while later from all that moisture.

For some reason I’m not a fan of the rain in my nonspecific Canadian city though.


Sometimes. When it’s summer, I enjoy rain. But if it’s winter and cloudy and rainy, it affects my mood


I love the rain. Great sound to fall asleep to.


Depends on my mood really


I don’t like the rain.


it depends. the rain is nice to listen to and it makes me feel a bit safe in a way. sometimes it rains when I really want to go outside though and holding an umbrella is inconvenient. usually it depends on how often it’s raining. if it hasn’t been raining much, then I like it and I can deal with not going outside. if it keeps raining all the time, I get frustrated being pretty much trapped inside


Depends upon what kind of rain. Freezing cold drizzle or sleet rain, no I don’t. But rain during the warm or hot seasons, yes, I love it.


Yes is great fun. Wish it would rain here more.


I feel more peaceful when it rains


I have fond memories of the sound of rain on the tent’s roof at Girl Scout Camp. That was in the 50’s when we camped in tents, not cabins.


I love walking in the rain, especially when it’s cold and windy too, it makes me feel alive. I guess that’s a good thing, since I’m Scottish, we get quite a lot of rain!


It rains here a lot. I don’t use an umbrella. I just get wet.


I like when it rains as long as I can stay in the house. The rain can be very relaxing but I don’t like being out or driving in it.


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