Do you like storms? Poll

I don’t mean floods etc, just thunders and flashes…
I live in big city where summers are very hot, and would like to put dot to this weather…

  • Yes, I like storms
  • I don’t like storms

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I like thunderstorms and rain. We need rain here.

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Lighting used to talk to me, once i showed my manager in the previous company he was you are carzy :crazy_face:


I like the weather we have in the uk. Sometimes it’s hot sometimes it comfortable , get rain now and then. Like thunder and lightning


I love thunderstorms

But when they sound dangerous it gets a bit frightening.

Especially as I live in a loft. So I’m in the roof top where the lightning strikes.

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I’m mixed. Used to enjoy them. Been getting hit hard here in Arkansas lately. I got hail damage on my car recently and lost all my food this weekend cause the electricity was out.

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I love storms, if I’m home, inside. I love to cuddle up in a blanket, perhaps cuddling a plushie, and sipping either coffee or tea. I love the sounds of rainstorms.

Falling asleep during a storm, at night, is very calming.

I don’t like running errands when it’s storming, though. I don’t like getting drenched or like my glasses getting all wet and dirty.


I used to love storms when I was in a chronic manic state, years ago.

Today as I’m aging not so much

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all storms do is cause trouble here in oklahoma…if it’s just a rain storm fine…but usually it’s lightning and wind gusts too…sucks.

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Yes and no. I dont like the destruction. But I love how in my country when there is storm and flooding how people come together. There is plenty love and togetherness at this time.

I live on the coast in California.

It rarely even rains,

Never storms.

I’m from the southern US and miss those dark, eerie skies.

The change in the winds.

It’s exciting.

And very beautiful.


I’m very scared of storms

I had a slightly traumatic experience as a kid and I think that did it for me

The wind is probably the worst part for me but I definitely freak out every time.

Well they dont call me Rainstorm for nothin’


I use to love thunder storms. I used to go outsite to get pictures with the flashes.
I do not like destruction, but there’s something magical right before the storm, when wind blows and trees are shakeing down to the core.
And there’s no better sound for sleeping that the rain falling on roof tops

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That’s exactly how I feel about it…

We had a rainstorm in June. We usually never get rain in the summer. It was nice.

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I love hearing thunder and hearing rain pounding the roof.



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