Do you like animals or not

I am in the middle with liking animals.


I like to cuddle and pet some, eat others, and run from a select few if they happen to be in pursuit of me and have large teeth.


I love me some kitties and doggies. :heart:

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Yes, they are tasty.


Outside of my joke response. Yes,I generally like most animals. Especially dogs.


I love all animals. Except spiders and centipedes, which are part of the Kingdom: Animalia. So, they’re technically animals, too. Those terrify me. Burn them!! Burn them all!! But only if they’re in my house. I don’t care if they exist in nature, outside of my house.

As far as typical animals go, I love them all so much!! Peaches the anaconda, a giant snake from the Amazon, is my favorite animal at the aquarium. I also love the sea turtles!!

White rhino at the zoo are pretty cool. And elephants! And the sand cat!!

Every animal is so unique, so interesting, so cute in it’s own way!!

:boar: :zebra: :snake: :ram: :sloth: :kangaroo: :elephant: :skunk: 🦫 :otter: :dolphin: 🦭 :penguin: :snail: :ant: :cricket: :honeybee: :beetle: :bug: 🪱


I love animals. Especially cats and dogs. In my life I’ve had a cat, three dogs, a rabbit, some canaries, a rooster and my sister had a pig all at once. After school I’d spend most my time with them in the backyard. It was like that for about a year. My sister’s pig won an award at a county fair then she sold it.


I’m not sure if i like animals.
The responsibility of an animal,
makes me crazy,
and anxious.


I absolutely love cats and dogs, though I’ve ever only owned cats. Wild animals are fascinating. I live in the country, so I get a lot of deer, turkeys, coyotes, wolves, foxes, weasels, skunks… they are all pretty cool. Nature fascinates me


I love animals a lot, always had pets. My favourite is birds but I’m a cat lover too. Dogs are beautiful too, and fish etc


i like them
but i dont like to take responsibity of owning them


I love all animals though some are perhaps scary a danger to me so I don’t approach those ones.

They’re so vulnerable to humans

I try to be caring,

At my outside cleaning job

I had to kill so many worms. I am proud to say that it did affect me,

I like animals, if they have nice personalities, the same way I like people.

Usually fried.


I like capybaras.

I LOVE animals! I have a golden retriever/poodle mix at pet co and she was sooo shy they were training her in the store! Apparently they FULLY train their dogs before they go to their forever home! Like wow!

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I love them, but I’m scared of some of them. I could never work in a zoo.

I have a little dog, but I’m afraid of many breeds.

I feel bad for the coyotes in my area because they’re starving due to not have enough wildlife for them to hunt. But I wouldn’t try to take care of one. I’d keep my distance

Me too. I don’t like being depended on for infinite time. Even small dogs can be stressful when they require constant attention. However I like the companionship.

I wouldn’t mind getting a cat at some point as they seem very low effort.

Things like snakes, lizards, gerbils or rats etc just don’t interest me. I love birds but I couldn’t keep one in a cage - it just seems cruel.

Hmm. . .

Seems Like A Question With Not Much Thought Towards The Truth Of Nature’s Honest Love.

For Example, Every Morning’s The Bird’s Sing Beautiful Melodies.

And Almost All Day, On And Off Softly, And Gently. As A Reminder All Hope Is Not Lost.

And Strangely Enough, As The Night Draws In. The Melodies Being To Disappear.

The Next Day Awakes, And The Choirs Dance Their Breath Of Joy Once Again!.

What’s Not To Love About That?.

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