Do you keep daily diaries

I try to write down every evening, sometimes I forget, my diary entries are quite personal, I use a paper notebook, I find this routine quite helpful.


Hey mj which language do u use to write diaries…finnish or swedish or english …??

In the past I used English, but currently Finnish, I think we all should keep diaries.

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I used to sometimes write stuff like a diary. I liked doing that. I would write in code so it couldn’t be read by anyone else. But I always ended up burning it all whenever I started getting paranoid

Don’t you hate reading it later? I’m always reading it thinking “god I’m an idiot” I don’t like journals

Abraham saw stars and told to himself these are my god but when sun came up and they disappeared told to himself:

I dont like immortals,

I dont like immortals as god too, except pure science nothing has the value to be written, they must be present in mind except ones for educational purposes,

I like to read my diaries later, remember things, this is also helpful at my psych meetings, I like to write down my thoughts in paper notebooks.

Dear mjseu, im not abraham so kinda can cheat,

I worship you to some extent,

I still keep my diaries from when I was 14 and thereafter. It helps me remember both beautiful and tough times. There are many lessons to be learnt from past events and way of thinking… I have changed so much during these 20 years. I am almost 34 now.
Nowadays I don’t write very often because of my lack of motivation. But I still jot down my current thoughts about recent events, my interaction with family and friends, sometimes even things related to my activity on this forum.

I used to write fiction as a teenager. It wasn’t particularly good but I enjoyed it. Now I no longer write fiction, because my imagination takes a heavy blow from having flat affect. You know, feelings and imagination are tightly correlated…

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I kept a journal for many, many years, always helpful, thought they were private.
Discovered someone had breached my private journals and made copies of my pages to give to those who hurt me most.
Nothing like a stab in the heart to stop the ink from flowing.

I do keep a daily diary of sorts. Yes. I’ve been keeping it for the last thirteen years or longer even. It’s very helpful.

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lately i write down all my delusions & hallucinations…

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