Do you Identify as Schizophrenic?

I think there is something in the way you say it that makes more sense but then i would never say it and if i did i would make light of it, unless i was extremely unwell and then all hell would break loose.

Correct me if i am wrong but do you take medication to control your mind? if the answer is yes then you can imagine what i would say,

I have to take meds, i need them but i don’t want them, its not fair having to take it but i know if i didn’t i would descend into madness…

You may have had a good experience of psychosis but most people like 99.999% don’t but its still the same thing, you were not in your right mind and something had to be done :frowning: (not being in your right mind) is probably the crux of it and good or bad it doesn’t matter.

on the other hand i wish my experiences weren’t as bad as they were :frowning:

I don’t identify as a schizophrenic, schizophrenia identifies as me!

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Really though, I choose to express myself as a person who experiences the world differently and if people ask for more info and I’m comfortable I will share my diagnosis. I’ve learned that people react based on how big of a deal I make it. The more dramatic I tell people the more dramatic they react. If I say it like it’s no big deal people either think I’m joking or stable.

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Schizophrenia is curable

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Lol that is very true. Funny to say.

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Sz is not my identity, ppl think I am just lazy as I don’t work.


I think that it’s more about mindset than the actual phrasing. Believing you are the diagnosis vs believing you have the diagnosis allows for a much narrower mindset towards potential, growth, and healing. Have the diagnosis, but don’t be the diagnosis; there should be more to a person than that.

Hahahaha. Heck yeah. Thats the right stuff.

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I had a counselor who told me not to tell people I am schizophrenic so since then I don’t. It makes people think you are crazy and I am not. I don’t hear voices or have delusions unless my medication is taken away which happened once.

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I just tell everybody I meet I’m a wife beater. Then when they accept that, I tell them I’m a schizophrenic and it doesn’t seem so bad in comparison.

Definitely. It is the only explanation. I’m insane.