Do you go to restaurants

I went to a restaurant, Chinese buffet, 10 years ago and after this I have not gone to any restaurants. I think it is expensive to eat in restaurants. Recently in one local newspaper I saw a menu of one restaurant and as I calculated it would have been between 30-50 euros to eat the dinner there. Other people can spend their money there. So I do not own an auto and I do not go to restaurants. And you?

Many times it is easier to pick something up at a restaurant on my lunch break than it is to drive home and make something. But I work a very busy schedule Monday-Friday in order to keep my job and pay my bills. However most restaurants (especially the quick ones I frequent) do not serve healthy food. So I try to bring my lunch to work as often as possible.

Gee, that’s expensive ! I eat in a restaurant, as a tradition, once a year with a friend. The only other times are when my sister comes to visit and she foots the bill or for a light snack once in awhile.

I very rarely eat in posh/semi posh restaurants and certainly not on my own, but do eat from time to time in cafés .

Yes, I own an auto, and I go to restaurants.

Like so many Americans; I love my car. It gives me great freedom. Because I have a car, I can go to the doctors I think are great rather than just the closest ones, for example. Owning a car also facilitates a love life for me!.

Yes, I eat at restaurants a lot. Not to say I’m not a great shopper and cook or that I’m not living on a limited income. Actually, I like shopping for groceries and cooking and have a sensitivity about it. But I live alone, and I interact with a lot of ladies and male single folks. It is common to eat out a bit out in my circumstances. For one thing, I suffer low blood sugar, and therefore it is important that I eat at least three small meals a day.


I live just 300 meters from the hospital and the psych ward, it takes five minutes me to walk there. Also my dentist is located there. So basically I live next to the hospital and the health center. I live alone also and I rarely interact with anybody, mostly I spend my time alone.

I try to limit eating at restaurants to once per month. Most of the time, I don’t even do that lol. But what I do instead is order my favorite pizza (meat lover’s) from my favorite pizza place (Papa John’s), and eat it at home.

I generally cant handle busy restaurants. And def cant afford anything expensive!



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I never go to restaurants, maybe to go pick up take out once in a while. I dont like to eat in front of strangers especially. I am a private type eater. I get nervous/paranoid that someone will drug - poison my food there. I also suffer from anxiety and panic and do not like crowds or a group of strangers

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I’m a take-away and picnic sort of guy. There is one deli and one greasy spoon that is very nostalgic for me and I feel safe there on non-peak hours.

Luna Park Cafe at 7:00 a.m. on a rainy Sunday morning was a huge chunk of my childhood, and teen hood and now I go on Fridays. It was the first place I wanted to go when I was feeling better. My family knows all the staff and a lot of the regulars. But get out of there before 9:00 because then it becomes loud and packed and NO!

A Husky Deli root beer milkshake after a swim meet was also part of my childhood. So I still feel Ok in those places. Plus the same family still owns the deli.

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I don’t like restaurants - when I was a teenager I had a phobia for years to eat out. But nowadays I like coffee shops that sell coffee and cake, that’s ok. But not a meal, I don’t like eating meals out, I prefer to cook my own.

I usually go eat out when its one of our family members b days. But now since my schizo has gotten worse and currently stabilized we have stopped eating out. I don’t like to be in large crowds of people, also when there is a lot of activity going on it worsens my symptoms like voice alterations and anxiety.

Subway sandwich artists are very rude. I refuse to eat there.

With someone else I do. I usually can’t afford to pay.

I don’t go to restaurants alone - where they seat you. I will eat at a counter, order, leave a tip…

However, I never order pizza.

I rarely go to restaurants. But this is just because I cannot really afford it. When I was younger and employed, I would go out to restaurants a lot. If I had the money, I would go out to restaurants more often, but not by myself.

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i only go to ’ michelin star ’ restaurants in paris , new york, and london, only the best for this sz.
must dash my lear jet awaits…" jeeves, get the caviar and a bottle of bolle !?! "
take care


i go to hardee’s ,mc donalds,etc…once in awhile…rarely eat at “restaurants” it is too expensive

I like going to buffet style restaurants during lunch time when you don’t have to pay more than around $7 for food and drink.

restaurants are horrible places.

listen to the laughs in the background for a change, and try to imagine what type of laughter it is.

Over priced.

I hate seeing pregnant women in restaurants, i think of what the kids going to get in life and come to the conclusion that he/she may have their face removed by enemy gunfire, and large bullets at that.

The excessive consumption and cruel treatment of the dead animals gets to me now as well. During my second psychosis they were in my mind and i had bummed a five or so from a stranger, it was on my way back from trying to go into the wilderness to die, but i failed so i was coming back and decided to eat. I went into the subway to get a meatball sandwhich, but i wasn’t alone in there, i looked down at the awful vat of meat and hideous juices and just about lost my ■■■■ it looked so horrible.

I had never seen meatballs so clearly, it’s enough to make you a little queezy, it was different, it didn’t help though that i was being aided by these things in my head, they didn’t mean well and care not. It was true what i was seeing but it was like being shown by the creepiest most sociopathic ■■■■■■■ you will ever meet.

Not to mention you are sharing a space to eat with those that harm you every single day, they will throw you out front so you can take the bullet every chance they get, when the bus comes they will throw you under, im not going out to eat some tortured animals and be around the sick ■■■■■ that do nothing but hurt eachother every day if i don’t have to.

Used to when younger, with family, mostly seafood places…occasionally when married…often Chinese food…but havent eaten in a restaurant since probably 2010 or 11… Went to Subway once this year…does that count?