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Upset, stressed, anxious by everything.

I would describe myself as a little on the sensitive side, not an angry type though.

Depends on how you define upset. I get nervous very easily. But I don’t get angry that easily

I’m menopausal so I can get very upset

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I’m desensitized af, but still have some triggers. I’ll call people out for bs, because no one else seems to be able to, but that doesn’t always translate to me being emotionally tied up over it.

I am generally neutral, and non reactive. Most everything isn’t worth anything else.

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Off meds, I blow up over everything. On meds, I’m cool as a cucumber.


I don’t take things personally. I used to be a very sensitive person but now I realize that carrying other people’s baggage isn’t worth it. I just brush stuff off.

Once in the ward at lunch this dude threw a fit bc his food wasn’t right. People were scared and while four techs and security were called I just sat there and continued eating. Afterwards this other patient looks at me goes, you were like so what?. :joy:

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