Do you guys take things too seriously

Every time someone is mean to me or something isn’t s big deal I freak out. I dwell on it and I was jw if I’m the only one. I get so paranoid. I’ve become very sensitive

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My skin has become thinner since becoming SZ. Before that I was like minimally stressed when something didn’t go my way.

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Yeah, I get triggered easily without meds

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Without meds and coping skills, everything triggers me. With them, nothing phases me.

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Yeah typically i take all things way to seriously. I had some sense of humor today which was a nice change.

Well, I don’t like getting my feelings hurt, but occasionally I give it back to the best of my ability. Most people at work might be rude sometimes or my co-workers might be a little mean but then it’s forgotten in 5 minutes and life goes on. Sometimes I draw on past experiences like when I was 19 and drove around with my friend who had a low-rider and we got in a little trouble and drove around drinking and smoking pot. Eventually, we got into going out and siphoning gas at 2:00 am from cars parked on the street all the time and then him and his friend broke into cars stealing tape decks and whatever else was inside and I drove the get away car.

That was not really me. I don’t do those things like steal. But it happened and so when someone bugs me it does give me a little confidence and I will sometimes be a smartas* back to someone who’s being a smartas* to me.

I ruminate about things if something has upset me


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