Do you find yourself drawn to older or younger people (online)?

I’ve found a lot of my relationships online have been with older women. Is there something wrong with me if a lot of my lady friends were in their 40s when I was/am in my 20s and these were the people I found myself the most attracted to mentally?

Everything I want is illegal. :imp:

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My former American wife was five years older than I was. I find younger women more lively. In love nothing is illegal or is it :smile:?

He lives in California, shouldn’t doubt about age gap…:slight_smile:

I used to be into older women when I was younger. But now I like women my age and younger.

I tend to socialize with people my age (late forties) and older. I do communicate with a lot of younger folk online, but mostly in my role as a school volunteer and youth leader. I try to limit the communications with underaged folks as much as I can and just keep them to the topic of whatever activities I volunteer at in the school or community. Very easy for misunderstandings to arise there, so I am as careful as possible not to give anyone a poor impression.


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