Do you feel that you are social?

It is a real thing, and people do like that. But if you don’t also have good social skills it is easy to give the wrong impression.

I’m really not that social but it also depends how comfortable I am with other people.
Strangers kind of make me uneasy.
I have to know the person and feel comfortable with them before I converse with them.

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I’ve had a hard time making friends my entire life. I was better at it as a child. But ever since high school, when I was in prodromal stage, I’ve found making friends to be almost an impossibility. From age 17 through age 61, I’ve only made three friends. I recently lost two of these and I’m about to lose the third as of this writing.

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I get a disability pension. I don’t need to buy food for everyday. If I have no appointments then I just go out of the house once a week. And I have a legal guardian.

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