Do you dance?

I love to dance,

I’m just not very good at it.

When I’m home alone I sing and dance for my dogs all day.

But when I go out in public sometimes I feel insecure about it.

It’s embarrassing because my husband is a very good dancer and loves dancing publicly,

He’s making me look bad.

How about you?


it’s been a decade or more.

I drum i don’t need to dance.

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I dance when I’m alone, to music when I’m feeling high

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I will admit to a few wild nights in my younger years I may of imbibed magic potions and make a fool of myself.

I’ve had fun dancing, have zero practical training.

But sadly, being as white as I am, I’m not really inclined to a “Beat” or even basic “rhythm*

Still makes me nervous to dance. Terrified of the upcoming wedding and doing it sober. First dance is Metallica “Nothing else matters”.

Wooo! Let’s do the Charleston!


Always loved watching the Jitterbug dancers from the past. My own parents finished second in this freestyle type of dance in the 1950’s sponsored by a radio contest.

What I’d give to see that footage of Mom and Dad…they are in their mid 80’s now.


Yeah I dance, ill pretend im really drunk just wobbling around. Then my gf will see me and say “how many beer?” :sweat_smile:

I don’t dance… unless you consider circle mosh to be a dance.



I do dance even though I prefer the occasional two step. I like to move when I hear music with good beats. I don’t compare my dance skills to others because I danced well as a child and in secondary school I was usually chosen to dance and perform solo during dance rehearsal. I was one of the good ones if not the best. I thought I would always be a good dancer but now I’m a bit stiff.

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No I’m very boring.

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We can dance if we want to and when your friends don’t dance they are no friends of mine.
-Safety dance (man without hats)

I can’t dance anymore cause my respiratory system is damaged and can’t catch my breath. Maybe only halfway through a song.

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