Do you concentrade and focus well on what you do?


I focus very well when I am doing things I like,like playing sports,football and gaming…I sometimes don’t want to stop,because stopping means you are not doing anything and people usually talk when they are not doing things,which I do not enjoy it very much…What things do you focus well when doing??


my focus is very poor. I wonder with thoughts a lot, wondering mind is once of my positive symptoms… since I reduced my medication my focus improved a lot, my focus will never be at he best since I am on med. I have noticed how much medication play role in focus, attention, and quickly getting what other person means.


of course… I am great at focusing on what I like.

When I can read a book for fun… It takes a while to settle in… but I can focus better…

when I have to read a book for school… I’m all over the place.

I can focus on some parts of my job very well… I like the hands on stuff. I can happily focus on the plants and pruning and mulching and stuff like that. I hate the meetings and paperwork we have to do.

I’m having a bit of a hard time lately… this last class has been very hard. I got pretty stressed and out there. Now I’m trying to decompress and recover.


Doing things on the computer. In away what I’m doing is an extension of myself, like there’s no inbetween.