Do you believe more in medicine or positive psychology to recover?

Which is your choice?i choose positive psychology now

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You can have a try and see what happens after the psychological training. but I believe more in medicine.


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I choose them both. If I was forced to choose, I would go with the medicine.

The meds started the process of healing… the positive psychology… (therapy) picked up where the meds left off.

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…The combination of

Hey guys,all of you had proper reply

I believe in both medicine and psychology,I agree with @SurprisedJ,you need medicine to get back into real world but you also need positive psychology to maintain your life


I have always seen a therapist - but the truth is that I attribute my progress on being on the right meds.
There is a lot of excessive psychological baggage when it comes to having SZ or SZA - fears, low self esteem, difficulty with relationships - family or otherwise. Seeing a therapist can help with the extra annoying stuff that this illness causes.
When it comes to getting a hold of the core SZ symptoms, positive and negative - you really cannot beat the medications.
I mean therapy does not work if someone is not stabilized on meds first. For me I consider therapy as an added bonus - but I would not rely on it as the main treatment plan


Just what I am thinking, too. I would like both, but the meds come first. It reminds me of one of the times I was in hospital - they were doing a DBT group therapy session and I couldn’t concentrate and benefit from it until the third week, when my meds were at last changed and began to work on my symptoms. I was too distracted until the meds calmed me and then only did I benefit a little from the therapy sessions.

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Positive Psychology cures more than ■■■■ psychiatrists.

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Other medicine o than what is available now, or that I can take. Or certain kinds of family therapy. I’ve seen both work for me.

I believe in whatever works for you as long as you know you aren’t using human sacrifice to ward off the voices…

both imo both are helping hands which i can’t denie both are there for help

Too much positive psychology leads us to things that are infantile and offensive dross like ‘The secret’.

Medication is the foundation of recovery. Positive thinking is the life you build for yourself on that foundation. Hard to have a complete recovery without both for the majority of us.


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